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Sound in Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bekim Dine, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. By now I think we have all seen and heard the latest videos with the Zonda R and the Lotus 49. The videos were captured off screen but can still tell that the interior sounds are very good so far, downshifts especially. External sounds were placeholders according to sound designer

    I would like to know more about the sound and what we can expect. Will we see (hear) reverb, backfires, pops, gear wobbles, bangs, environmental effects and what not? So far the sound (judging from off screen video) is already very good, can not tell if reverb is in or not, but please discuss sounds in this thread as I think sounds are a VERY important aspect of any sim/game. This often gets overlooked.
  2. I often race with music from my media-player going in the background on random but get annoyed when something I either don't like or is too loud comes on & have often thought being able to access said media-player from within the sim so that I don't have to pause/Ctrl+Alt+Del out & make changes would be nice.....
    Kind of like an in-sim-stereo if you know what I mean....
    Perhaps A-C might look into such a feature in one of their post v1 updates when they come out?
    Just an odd-ball thought....
  3. Yeah I'd really like AC to have an ingame music player like you know... all regular racing games. And if it doesn't, I wonder if some modder would be able to make it later. Dunno how difficult it would be to implement something like that.
  4. I agree with the sounds being overlooked in most racing sims - especially the externals. I enjoy watching replays and good external sounds make that experience so much better. I think that the raw and aggressive sound is lost or filtered out when we see racing on TV and sims seem to emulate that - not the live experience - at all. The biggest difference between Auto Racing TV broadcasts and RL are the sounds IMO. Besides proper sounds, the environmental effects need to be modeled better.

    Things like sound reflection, speed and source direction need to be implemented. When the car passes us, the tone and the volume change drastically and we are exposed to the sound waves exiting the exhaust, bouncing off the environment, and combining to create some very violent sounds. The cars speed also plays a part in how we hear the sounds. If you have ever been to an airshow with Jets, you know what I mean. The sound waves are behind the jet and that is also true of cars traveling at high speed although, to a lesser extent. Then as the car enters the braking zone, we see the brake-lights come on and there is some delay before we here the downshifts - depending on distance.
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  5. I have been busy last few weeks (we had a baby!) but I'm back on the forum. Been patiently waiting for the Tech Demo and been watching all AC vids again and again...

    I have noticed the sound on the Pagani is actually quite good in terms of the tone. I think they have got the samples right, just need work on the "gear wobble". Example of this is the fantastic new iRacing sounds for the V8 Supercar. External sounds are unbelievable! and they have nailed that gear change/wobble effect. Really good.

    Obviously that video of the Pagani was an old build so AC might surprise us all with sound when tech demo is released. Also have been playing R3E and can say the sounds are fantastic especially the Audi R8. I just hope AC will bring something to the table in regards to sound when it's released, so far so good from what we have seen/heard. Keep up the good work Kunos!
  6. +1 on the iracing gearbox wobble, here´s a quick vid showing it,

    it´s sound and physics, would be awesome if AC have this as well as it really tricks you into thinking there´s a real gearbox in the car.

    I honestly can´t wait for AC, it´s gonna be INCREDIBLE :)
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  7. Oh and here is a great video showcasing the incredible sounds of the ford falcon v8 supercar. Wow!

    Another thing I love is how it gets louder as the revs increase. Fantastic stuff

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  8. Made one as well, great intake noise!

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  9. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I think this videos are in the rong thread....:)
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  10. I don't know If you are being serious or not but even though we are posting iracing videos, we are just trying to showcase what good sounds in a sim need to sound like and hopefully AC can achieve this realism. I would post raceroom racing experience videos aswell to give more examples of good sound but I'm not allowed to under nda.

    I was hoping aris could enlighten us with some information about what we can expect from AC sound engine but I suppose we'll just have to wait until tech demo...
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  11. Those V8s from iRacing sound really nice, very detailed sound, I'm impressed. I hope AC sounds are that good. :coffee:
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  12. It is if you miss-understand why they are posted here in the first place.

    I know you see it as a iRacing vs AC thing but it´s not. It´s simply sound ideas we would like to see in AC.
  13. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I understand your point,but AC have good sounds already and even if some are still placeholders,i am sure they work on it to bring us the best immersion...we should wait and see how Demo will be and than we can really discuss about sounds.;)
    I think KS will deliver a great SIMexperience...:thumbsup:
    And off course about the videos,i understand,but those videos can be post in iRacing thread and than linked here.Well i dont want to make a fuss over this so apologize for my intervention.:)
  14. I think that the NKP in-cars sounds are quite nice but, the exterior sounds are far-from-convincing in the replays, where most Sims fail to simulate anything remotely close to reality.
  15. Then we should not discuss anything about AC because the demo isn´t out.

    Had it been any other videos nobody would have said anything.
    It was simply videos to talk about certain sounds that exist in the simracing world, like the gearbox sound/physics.
    Not sure why anyone would get annoyed by that. it´s like posting a PCARS screenshot when discussing AC graphics. Want us to link to screen shots as well?
  16. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Hampus ,mate, did i just said YOU should not discus about sounds..feel free man...But i pointed out that you can REALLY talk about it when you know what you deal with...And why you have the impresion i am annoyed.I just commented on the fact that there are already 3 iRacing videos in an AC thread.....
  17. Dinca, hit that little button ignore and the problem is simply solved
  18. yea how can anyone get that impression...
  19. MarcG


    yeah anyway, as a massive V8 Supercar fan I can only go by the sounds I get through the TV. The iRacing cars sound close but not exactly right IMO, but fair enough I've enver seen them in real life so they will undoubtedly sound different than what I'm used too.
    If AC can match iRacing though I'd be happy, 5.1 positional surround sound as well so certain effects are coming from certain speakers is a MUST especially in this day & age of computer games.

    Thats where RF2 fails badly, the sounds and lack of proper surround support are poor, they get that right then its a whole extra immersion feeling when racing.
  20. I am so happy that developers are finally starting to make significant improvements in sound quality - especially in replays where there seems to have been so little progress in . . . forever.