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Sorry..but am i the only one

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Msportdan, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    ...who actually does not want to see off road content?!!

    I love reiza I love this sim, and the whole campaign etc etc. I love some of the track content coming up, but the offroad err sorry nah, that's what dirt rally is for.

    Im not sure the funding will even reach the offroad, and I can live with that.

    sorry guys.. :(
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  2. ha, not the only one. im sure a lot of energy would have to go into dirt surface modeling and for me its not at all worth it compared to where else that energy could be expended.

    of course i hope it gets funded, i trust that ill enjoy it and the point is to trust in reiza, but i was extremely happy to see the formula v10s appear to have next priority.
  3. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    What if it's better than dirt rally ;), personally I'm looking for rallycross
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  4. I dont care about the rallying part but the stadium super trucks do look like alot of fun honestly.
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  5. I think this game would benefit greatly from off road. Especially from a modding stand point. If they can make a good base for off road, then that opens a whole other level to the modding community. And it will result it a longer life of the game.
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  6. Racing is racing. In a supertruck it is still racing. And when you see videos, It seems really technical and fun. 100% for It ;-)
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  7. If they have the time, resources, then why not.

    But it's probably at the bottom of the list and, unless some sponsor comes in in the last days to top up the funding, I'm not sure we'll see it. Well, not as a free update, at least. Obviously just speculation, I have no idea what their plans are, if the funding goal is not reached. We'll have to wait until the campaign end, when Reiza will reveal exactly what will make it into GSCEx.
  8. don't see why it would be a negative thing - on the contrary. Would be interested to see reiza's take on offroad surfaces. when its done right it can improve your skills as a driver.
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  9. The sim world needs more than one developer doing sim level work for offroad content.

    I don't believe in only one game for one type of driving.
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  10. Off road would be a possitive but IMO should be something for the next sim.
    Focus on stuff like physics update and rain on this one
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  11. Rain?
    Never mentionned in the list.
  12. That's what I mean, it should be there ;)
  13. I don't know why everyone gets so hot and bothered about rain. Is it that Senna documentary?

    Rain racing sucks. They'd have to get every relevant car a rain and intermediate tire too. Struggling to get an open wheeler around a waterlogged Interlagos sounds about 1 billion times less interesting than power sliding a Super Truck in the dirt. :p
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  14. I hope they continue with the development of off-road content. I think DiRT Rally is just a money grab as they (Codemasters) are, I feel, not working to fix the current bugs in the game, rather pumping out DLC and addons and such. Plus when the off-road content does come into the game, you'll probably love it.
  15. hex


    Well, maybe because it's a sim, and rain shows occasionally in pretty much every racing series in the world. Yes, V8 Supercars and Superkarts too! And it would be something concerning all stuff in the game - all circuits and almost all series, while Super Trucks can be driven only on specific type tracks.
    So if you ask me - rain should be miles ahead of dirt trucks in terms of priority, but I don't think it was the subject of this thread :)

    Besides, you would probably have option to turn rain off.

    To me taming any type of car on a wet or damp track sounds way more challenging.
    Choice variety - GSCE has it. You can drive what better fits your entertain-o-meter.
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  16. Rain and V8s. Why not?
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  17. What makes you say that? Aside from a few ramps they drive on the same Long Beach circuit as IMSA and Indy.

    But rain is an occasional component that really isn't something you'd use very often while dirt is a whole medium opening up the possibilities of all sorts of modding giving GSCE a great post development lifetime potential in a whole sub-niche of sim racing whereas rain just adds... rain and frankly most people won't use it but for an occasional novelty.

    If dirt racing is a branch of all racing then I'd say rain is no more than a twig in comparison. The breadth of possibility that could come with dirt is enormous.
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  18. hex


    You said yourself "(...) than power sliding a Super Truck in the dirt" - isn't dirt a specific type of track?

    Oh I'd use the sh*t outta it :)

    Yes, but this occasional novelty (available in, I think, every racing game/sim on the market) you could use with all default series in the game and it would add to the simulation as it is in real-life, because rain does happen occasionally.
    isiMotor2 never had proper rain (graphically and physically), there was RFE plugin, but meh. And there is a whole rally package with tons of rally tracks with pretty much good physics, so it will be much easier for Reiza to do those trucks than trying to simulate bad conditions #fact

    With all honesty, I've never ever in my time with GSCE met people that whine about no dirt trucks, but there were plenty whining about no changeable weather #fact2
  19. Simbin's GTR2 and RACE 07 series use ISIMotor2, but I agree with your points. I'd prefer rain over dirt but dirt would be much easier to implement.
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  20. xnorb


    You can't sell the rain argument after pCars.
    "Hey we got rain!"
    "Ya, but it looks 100 times better in pCars!"

    "Hey, we got Super Trucks dirt racing!"
    "Oh, that's something new!"

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