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Sooped Up Ferrari

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by 5partan5niper2212, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. I just decided to change the Ferrari because I just can't stand their original livery
    Also Credit to ML2166 for the 3d models and wireframes.

    Sooped Up Ferrari Capture1.JPG Capture2.JPG Capture3.JPG Capture4.JPG
  2. Hmmmmm... It's a little bit stuffed with sponsors, but nice work :)
  3. Looks ok m8. Only problem and its just my option is you would never get AMD and Intel on the same car....Nice work though m8
  4. It's nice. But i don't think that the green colour looks ok on the car, just saying...cheers
  5. Nice work.
  6. Kudos for your work mate, but when I read the title of your mod I was expecting something different. The Ferrari is a bit boring, but making it better is not by adding sponsors and definitely not by adding green :O
    What would make it better is adding black or white maybe, that sort of colors in a nice design, not by stuffing it with sponsors.
    Anyway thanks for the share :thumbsup:
  7. castrol and shell? nike and dc? nasa?
  8. Oops...