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SOoooo, what does everyone think?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. So far I have tried the MX-5 Roadster, Vette, Ford GT, Latemodel, and the Trucks. Although the only car that I have given a bit more time too than the others is the Vette. I am LOVIN the Vette now!

    Ford GT:
    The GT seems to be more stable to me than it was before and I have been able to somewhat predict what the car was going to do and catch it before it was too late. I think they are certainly moving in the right direction, but once again I have only put a few laps in the car and do not know if the problems are still there such as not having to change tires and the like.

    I can honestly say that I love the Vette now even more than before. It feels like it is connected to the road and I can tell when I am at the point of losing grip. I can catch a spin and keep most of the speed I had to a small degree. I know that the car model in game is of the racing version of the Vette however I can tell you it feels pretty good compaired to the real life counterpart that normal people can afford to drive on the road.

    I think it feels more like a real car now with the weight transfer and how you would react to a car in real life. I had a smaller car like the MX-5 when I was in high school and I know it did exactly what the MX-5 does now when you take a turn to fast and let off the gas.

    For the Latemodel and Trucks I'm not really sure my opinion would be worth a hoot since I haven't really put more than a couple laps in either and did not really try much on the setup end either. I could get both to run in the middle to top 5 times in practice but I think I'll hold my thoughts on either one until I can see what they are like over a long run.

    My only real concerns at this point is what are the tires going to do over a long run, and how are they going to handle being abused and heating up. Hopefully iRacing is at least going in the right direction when it comes to those thoughts. What do you guys think?
  2. I'm with you on the vette and GT. I took both out at Sebring and thoroughly enjoyed how they drove. I've always liked the vette,now I like it more. A blast to drive on that bumpy track! I wasn't afraid to drive the GT around there, either. Moving forward - getting better....
  3. HPD great, much better (was very good b4 the update)
    FGT, second step in right direction, close but no cigar (still too sensitive wheel and lack of front DF)
    SM much better IMO
    SRF much better
    MX5 Cup, well some thing are better like smoother FFB, weight transfer but still few things are really weird like rear end too loose and snappy
    Vette-very good

    Oulton - perfect, simple as that

    overall happy with update but looks like there is still long way to go, NTM for some cars like FGT or Skippy is great on one track and disaster on other track, maybe setup issues, maybe seat time?

    step in right direction for sure, one of many more to come

    edit: found great setup for Cup!!
    check here: http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/50/1821922.page#3908116
  4. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    I am really happy with the new build except for two things, I have some garage issues ...values jumping like crazy, and my surround sound on G35 seems to be broken.
  5. Lars,

    I believe they are aware of the garage issues and are looking at patching this at some point.

    Not sure on the G35 issue tho'.

  6. Took the Vett out for a few laps around Oulton Park last night. Wicked. Its a real beast of a car and the track is sweeeeet. Bumpy and real for sure. Well done , Top Banana!

    On the flip side, what have they done to Talledaga and the Carb Cup? Drove a race last night and in the warm up started to notice the lack of catch up in the draft. I was behind Delbert (who wins more often than not I have found) and I could not catch him at all... stayed about .2 or .3 behind no matter what I did I could not get any closer... I thought it was just Delbert who was much faster, still strange I thought.
    Come the race I was starting about 4th. got into the draft behind the leaders and stayed there. Could not bump the dude in front, could pull out but not go anywhere... Finshed the race in 3rd. But it was not so much fun anymore...
    Anyone else have the same thougths?
    I hope they put it back.... or someone gives me the solution...
  7. Oulton Park is gorgeous.
  8. I'd never really noticed the surround sound on g35 until last night. Suddenly I was very aware of cars beside me, and crystal clear sound of glass smashing behind me as someone went flying into a wall

    Only got decent time in an mx5 at lrp, it's a lot more squirrelly now. Oddly, every corner I know can take with an extra 5mph, yet lap times are same as before. Will have to look further for where the time is going.
  9. did anyone tried street stock on road course?
    was fun before, now looks even more fun, try it on Watkins, setup attached

    btw this and HPD so far IMO best NTM implementation (disclaimer, haven´t tried SS on Ovals)

    edit: setup in the setup forum please
  10. Haven't had much time to test out the new build since it's release due to being busy with the new job.

    As everyone knows my favorite car is the MX5. So was excited to hear that the MX5 was going to be getting the NTM. First time in the car a few days ago and just like some of the NTM cars, I didn't like the feeling in the FFB in the Roadster which was the first car I tested out. Tried the suggested setup for the Roadster that Daz posted and it felt a little better. I've never been in a MX5 or any race car in real life, but the constant spinning out in the MX5 doesn't seem realistic at all. Maybe some of the guys here that have been on track with a Miata / MX5 can give some feedback on this. I understand that some people are going to like the NTM and some that aren't. I'm kind of on the fence about the NTM MX5 to be honest. I'm not fast by any means, but I think the Vette is easier to control than the MX5 with the NTM. And that to me, does not make any sense.

    With this build, I really must say that Outlon Park is just fantastic and a blast to drive with just about any car.

    Now I'm still gonna keep testing to get use to the new MX5. If real life drivers of this car chime in and say that it is close to realistic then I'd be ok with that. Maybe adjusting my FFB and calibrating could help out too. Tried the MX5 Cup and it does "feel" better. But this is just me, quite disappointed with what they've done to the MX5's especially the Roadster.
  11. this post sums it up real close


    will just add that car(s) now feels like they have diferential lock to high (try vette or FGT with 70+ diff lock)

    "tight" is the key word, I felt it only on trucks before with OTM trying other poeples setups (loose most of the time) while all iRacing ones were real "tight"
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I only tested the Corvette on Zandvoort and for me it felt horrible. I don't understand what happened. Six months ago all cars felt awesome before the NTM.

    WIth NTM I don't like it anymore. The Corvette and MX5 are no more fun to drive for me :(
  13. I want to enjoy the NTM on the MX5. I do have my G27 setup in the profiler and in game to the suggested iRacing settings. I will say that the throttle and brake do feel better with the NTM. But the only thing that I can actually tell what the car is doing is thru the FFB of the wheel. And there is no "soul" or "feel" to the car now, if that makes sense. If I up the FFB to get a better handle on the car, then the clipping of the FFB kicks in. There is no knowing where the limit of the car is, until it's way too late. Will continue to plug away and practice, but I get more feedback from the VW TDI Cup than the MX5.

    Edit: I know its comparing oranges and apples with the OTM cars vs. the NTM cars. But to me, it just does not feel right.
  14. I haven't tried the MX-5 yet - given this I'll give it a shot tonight. It took me a while to get the 'feel' for the skippy back, but now I like it more with the NNTM than with the ONTM or the OTM. (and since I drive an MX-5 (almost) daily - albeit with street shoes, I'll see how it compares)
  15. Thanks! I'd be interested to hear your feedback on the MX5 Eric.
  16. tried both Cup and Roadster on Silverstone Int, both feels great with newly provided setups, have you reloaded "baseline.sto" Will?

    doing 1:40.8 in Cup with race fuel and 1:42.0 in Roadster (which I don´t drive to often)
  17. G,

    I believe the latest small update (13MB) will fix the drafting issues at the SuperSpeedways.

  18. Ok, took it out to VIR, where I have driven both of my MX-5's.

    Very first impression was not good. Steering felt numb and I couldn't feel the rear at all (floating). However, after the first lap it started to get a much better feel overall, though resistance to turn-in wasn't the same.

    Went and set the car up more like my street car - took the new baseline and lowered the front bump to 20, rebound to 45, Caster to 6.8 or so (for more resistance), -1/16" front toe, 32 psi all around, lowered front 2 ticks each side, lowered rr to minimum, then adjusted lr to give a 50.0% cross weight and front ARB preload of 0. (Street car has Oversize front bar w/0 pre-load at rest, stock rear bar, NO power steering, shocks are bump-adjustable only set mid range in front and a tick firm in the rear - and feels like I'm directly connected to the road, though initial turn-in is like the initial turn of a spinning bicycle wheel). This gave a much better feel to the car, especially after the first 2 laps.

    Overall, it still oversteers more than it should be, IMO - and still missing some rear feel. I could go through the climbing S's flat out in my car and had to lift in the sim, but I was going about 10-15 mph slower in mine due to the power difference. The scariest point on the track is the same, however: the little crest at the entry to the hog pen.
    It is also easier to save from a little bobble so long as you don't drop a wheel, as is common with the NTM.

    Overall: right now, to me, it isn't as fun to drive as it was before - probably because you could throw it around more and the little bobbles happened less often. But, it is still a good car, and with some practice, I think it will come back to me (at least I hope so).
  19. [separate post because last one was a bit long]

    Second Opinion: Took the car to Silverstone International to run some practice laps - and after I got it settled in - MUCH nicer than what I remember from last season. Can take turn one much faster when I get it right, the right into Ireland is a bit slower in the center but much faster out of, and the turn back into the farm straight is more controlled. Add in better, more controlled accelleration out of the corners all-round it's a better car. The only time it gets loose at all is Maggots-Becketts, and if anything it's too tight in Luffield, though I'll probably fix that by changing my line there and not trying to hug the inside.

    Beat last seasons best practice time by about .8 sec after 12 laps, just a bit slower than Dario in the low 41's.

    it's growing on me :)
  20. Anyone reloaded the new baselines and tried them for the mazdas? Meant to make a big difference :)

    For me I'm kinda getting frustrated. I had recently bought the skippy and thought Okayama was a hard track in the skippy and that Road Atlanta would be a lot easier as I knew it from other games. Not the case at all sadly :( that being said Oulton is a piece of art it's amazing really, they did a great job their. Really looking forward to Motegi now, Some great road courses their.