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Something wrong with Dijon GP ??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hi~ , all of you
    this is the first time to post something on RD for me.

    I'm a korean(south) and we KGT(Korea GT) are
    (maybe someone noticed the locked club league on steam online)

    ,enjoing GTR evolution Leauge every sunday.
    as a normal, we did the race with Dijon GPv1.1 with SR4 252.

    the entry was 11 and it was 60minutes 1 race on line.

    Actually, I had did practice almost 500 laps for this race.
    but, only I did one lap and retired......(ㅠ.,ㅡ

    I have posted my race(only 1 lap) and crashed
    but, I can't understand what was wrong then...
    it sucked down suddenly and jumped up...
    and hit the wall and retired.

    Please watch my race around 1'23'' (crash)


    anybody explain with this??

    Thanks. ahead.
  2. Sorry... but I have to say... lol.... quicksand?
  3. thanks. Eric

    it was really weired feeling when i hit up the wall..
    I thought , someone hit me from behiend of me.
    coz i didn't realized even when my car jump to the wall.

    after 1 hours race(it's almost 48laps)
    I check through the replay....what the !!!??
    there's no car behind me.

    and it was like that.
  4. It's so creative relpy..." quicksand" lol

    our a programer ID KGTMAX say like this
    he works with SimBin's engineer.....

    " it's happen some times with .Hat file"

    but i have no idea what is means .Hat file...OTL
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Did you try to reproduce this crash? Did you ran into an invisible car that wasn't properly loaded? Does it happen on other tracks too?

    Also did you notice that a splitsecond after the crash your replay has a black scrambled screen? Lag?
  6. I'd go with lag or a temporary disconnect from the server/lost packets.

    I've tried this version of the track and never seen that happen and if it didn't happen in any of your other laps it can't be a track problem as it would always be there, every lap.
  7. Thanks Bram and Richard...

    Uhm...first I like your Carsetups, Bram~!!
    It's good textbook for me from when i was a novice for racing. thanks.

    I did check other reply recordings of Racing..
    What i have got now is....It's kind of lag as Richard commented.

    They have diffrent replys each other~!!
    someone's replay shows my car got hit by other car from behind..

    That's right..when my car got jumped to wall I felt like collision at back.
    but i can't find out from my own reply....
  8. sometimes, I feel sorry about my bad selling..
    like : reply-->replay , diffrent--> different ETC.

    so sorry for my bad sellings.
  9. Kind of Track Bug or Lag..Lag!!

    Hi~ all...RD members
    thanks your helps and concerns about my questions.

    This is the league movies..
    please compare with my one, around 1'10"~

    the same car (KGT-McWood,me) had captured by others
    the crash is different and the accident is little bit different.

    We think it's kind of Lag..something, which made me retired.
    only I had retired by this accident......OTL;;;

    And special thanks to my Club member's allowance to upload it.

    and this is my view of race....
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  11. Oh....if this is not afforded to upload?

    I just show the difference from the other members of onboard of race.
    Just for understanding it......

    If it is not to afforded to upload again
    I will delete it all...this movies..

    Or If you keep it here..
    I will not again ask any question already concluded...sorry.

    I think that your answer is right..Lag.

    Thank you.
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Lets keep it one thread then, as it is still lag.

    Threads merged
  13. Thank you..Bram.

    I got botherd you sorry..and Thanks again.
  14. Thanks..Bram

    I don't mean to bother you..sorry.
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You are not bothering me at all :) But to solve the problem its best to stick to one thread :thumb: