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Something to say about it!

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Diogo Ramalho, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. I am a rally fan so I have lost many hours driving RBR (love this game). I also have a license from LFS wich I consider a very good game/simulator. That is the experience I have with racing games and.....

    In the beginning I was not too sure about the quality of this game and the lack of content didn't get me too confident to buy it. However I really wanna try that FIAT 500 Abarth that everyone talks about and.........I bought the game.

    In the end I made a conclusion. Despite all its little bugs (and I feel that Kunos is now more interested in the development of the game wich is very good for the hole project and for the resolution of this litle bugs) there is nothing that gets closer to this. I got to say that it feels perfect (doesn't mean its perfect).

    First I try the Abarth and love all the feedback that I get from the visuals, the FF (wich is awesome) and the sound (very good in my opinion at least compared to the older versions of the game). Thats when I start to understand the people that says that netKar is not just a game is a SIMULATOR. I never drive a real race car but I have driven lots of FWD cars and of course (as you all should do) I like to push them in real life (not only in virtual reality). The way I drive the Abarth is very very close the way I think it should be driven.

    Then I start with the formulas and to be honest I don't like too much formulas however I did enjoy it very much not only enjoy it but I start to get "adicted" to formulas..... :desire:

    Finaly I got to say that if you want something "cool" to drive or something with "directX 11" graphics don't waste your money in netKar because the first time you see the menu interface you will fall from your chair!! :question:
    However if you want to try something that gets very close to reality (and I mean ...... so close that you can even get in "doom mode" to see if your tires are good to go or just want to see oder people racing from the pit lane.... yeah very hardcore :skywalker:) and very simple I think you really should at least try this.... :fwd:

    Everyone should give a second try specially this 1.1 beta2..... Think about it.

    And remember its not that expensive.....and it is a big help for the guy that is behind this big project.

    Sorry for the long post and to the people that lost time to read this if they don't like it.

    One more thing.......Sorry for my "really" bad english :funnypost:

  2. I bought a full license a few days ago. I found the 1.0.3 demo good awhile back, but too complicated and lost interest. But the 1.1 public beta brought me back (plus, I gotta admit, I just migrated from a joystick to a Logitech wheel, finally). Excellent visual and audio texture; fantastic handling. I'm very pleased with netKar Pro; I just wish more people owned and used it.
  3. cool :p
  4. Bought it today and WOW so much fun

    In no other sim I have such a great feeling of what the car is doing :) graphic is nice and I have very hig fps copared to simbin there you have not so good graphic and low fps
  5. Nice to see that there are people feeling the same as I do.

    Netkar really rocks.....

    I hear that the final version of Netkar PRO v1.1 is coming sooner than we thought. :wink:

    Gooood spins to everyone :tongue:
  6. i think (hope) that final release would be out as soon as possible...for now 1.1 is beta and maybe it's a little confused for all sim racers that use stable 1.0.3 edition with its old school interfaces.

    Netkar pro is my favorite sim with iracing. Very nice feeeling and price is pretty low now.
  7. tyre patch is about to be released, and track editor aswell

    this sim is great so stay ready for a champ, after some race tests :biggrin:
    I hope to see you all filling the whole grid
  8. Netkar Pro is an awesome sim! More people should try/buy it.

    It would be nice to race with a lot more people on track!.

    See you all out there....