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Something crossed my mind

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kristóf Kerekes, May 24, 2014.

  1. You can only really win a Series with outstandingly high iRating. If you have somewhere around 7k iR, you are just generating ultra high SOF races out of the normally high ones. Someone with 3k lower iR wouldn't keep up anyway, because he wouldn't really affect the strength of a 2.8k SOF race. Unless you race with the guy with outstanding iR all week, which is nearly impossible to schedule then you just can't catch. What do you think about that theory?
  2. Very high and very low iRatings affect SOF at about 1/2 the rate of everyone else. Two or three drivers of 3k will have as much or more effect as a single 7k driver if the rest of the field is pretty average.

    You win championships by going very very fast, which nets you a high iRating. Not the other way around.
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  3. My point was spoken of experience and not just randomly threw up words. I am mostly winning the "top SOF" of Sunday evenings, where the top 5 of the ALL division championship competes against eachother and there is this guy, who just lurks into a random race at the middle of the week and makes a race with bunch of low rate drivers into a high SOF race. That was my point, and I can't do anything about mid-week random timed races.
  4. I looked at a fair number of races, not even a 7k iRating driver is going to be averaging 120 points or so to keep up without a number of 2k-3k iRating drivers in the race as well. That's due to a spontaneous top split because the slower drivers failed to show, not because one driver has 7k.

    For instance, this race had only 3 drivers <1300 iRating, but all above 1000. That's why the SOF was so high, not the winner. It wasn't a race of all 'low rate' drivers, the low rated guys didn't show up. But his position on the leaderboards is because he won a lot of hot splits, not this random midweek race that didn't split. In fact, it's his lowest scoring week.

    Is there a reason you don't make more starts? Your best of 4 gets counted, take advantage of that.
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  5. That was exactly the race I was curious about, while I was struggling for my few points on 2nd place, fighting the best of the week during the weekend the dude just entered that race and won with rather mediocre pace, below my average in the Sunday race. I'm not saying I would've won it for 100%, but there was just more chance of me netting more points with worse driving.

    I am racing this way mostly because the lack of time and the "spying" that most of the top guys were active during the end of Sunday between 16-20 GMT. I am aware that the best of my 4 gets counted throughout the week, I lived with that at Watkins Glen, and the diversity in SOF just dropped after my preferred race time on Sunday (of course in which I timed out). Thanks for the replies though.
  6. The only tweak I would want from the points is to sort different races of similar SOF. For instance, more points for winning a race with five 3k drivers and five 1k, or ten 2k drivers?

    Overall, it tends to balance out, he didn't have an easy race and it wasn't just because he has a high iRating that bumped the SOF. Just have to expect there will be a few random races midweek between 2000-2500 SOF. His prior two weeks were his big point hauls, though.

    But that's why I don't run for points anymore. Too much stress and preparation and needing to plan my race participation. I just like to dice it up in traffic and race.