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someone help with this error?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by bigcarva, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, could you help me please?
    what is this error??
    Im using XP, Dx9 and .NET 2.0
    and BTB dont open.

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  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    You need DX10.

    edit, i checked it 9.0c should be good enough.
  3. just changed info. Im using directx 10
  4. There are several versions of DX9.0c
    Make sure you are using the latest.
    I think the latest is March 09
  5. No that is not the problem.

    I always keep my DirectX up to date, and i've tried reinstalling .NET 2 about 850,000 times.

    It's a bug in BTB, you need to look into it.


    It has nothing to do with DirectX, and the most recent is August 2009.

    If it is related to DirectX or .NET, it's because the author of the program has a duff install, or is not listing all of the things he is referencing.

    I suggest updating the system requirements to add whatever it is you forgot to add.

    Because .NET 2 is not the only pre-requisite.


    This really is a shame, because just as i discover how to use the XPacker and add lots of new objects, I realise that BTB doesn't work.


    XP SP3 + DirectX Redist August 2009 + .NET 2


    That is a fact.


    Please investigate this issue, because what's the point adding new features to a program, that doesn't work yet.
  6. Not to sound like a ass but. I don't and many others don't have this issue you speak of. System configuration at some level has to have problems.
    Why use .net 2? just grab the new version 3.5.
    It has all the previous library's in it.

    Funny thing about that error your getting.
    It's a read/write failure in .net
    Probably due to not being able to read/write to the Temp folder.
    Why your getting it has to to be something wrong on your PC
  7. Can you post your project, maybe someone can actually investigate the problem. Its probably hard to find anything when you dont get any errors yourself :)
  8. I specifically installed .NET 2, because that is what BTB requires.

    I have not tried to just outright install .NET 3.5, because I assumed that would be even less likely to work.

    I will try installing 3.5 and try again.


    Sadly,I cannot remember how I got to work

    About 2 months ago I was using fine, but since i reinstalled Windows, and started using, it just crashes any time i try to touch the timing gates.
  9. Progress Update

    1st Attempt Tonight

    Install Windows XP RTM (SP0)
    Install Windows XP SP2
    Install Windows XP SP3
    Install all system drivers
    Install BTB (Automatically downloads .NET 2)

    Run BTB, Import KML, Closed Circuit
    Goto Timing Gates, Attempt to move



    2nd Attempt Tonight

    Install Windows XP RTM (SP0)
    Install Windows XP SP2
    Install all system drivers
    Install BTB (Automatically downloads .NET 2)

    Run BTB, Import KML, Closed Circuit
    Goto Timing Gates, Attempt to move



    3rd Attempt Tonight

    Install Windows XP SP3 Integrated ISO
    Install all system drivers
    Install .NET Framework 3.5
    Install BTB

    Run BTB, Import KML, Closed Circuit
    Goto Timing Gates, Attempt to move



    I have proven without a shadow of a doubt that does not work.

    At all.

    How anyone gets it to work I do not know.


    I know I am not a paying customer, yet, but I want to be.

    Therefore I would very much like a response to this problem, as I am sure 100s of other people would.

    This is a massive problem, and I have done tests under controlled conditions proving there is a huge bug.

    I look forward to your response.
  10. Negative, just tried .NET 3.5 and it still doesnt work.

    Massive bug.

    I'd love to downgrade to and try that, but there's no link to it anywhere.
  11. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    i have the old still here.
  12. I feel for ya.
    What are your steps before and during your attempt to move the gate?
  13. I import my KML, the track shows up, go in to edit the Start/Finish/PitEntry/PitExit/Sectors, and if I touch a single thing on that page, it just throws up the unhandled exception.

    Used to work a month or 2 ago when I had it working, but I think i've proven 100% that doesn't work.

    I've run a controlled test and reinstalled XP literally 7 times this week, and it doesn't work.

    I hope my efforts will lead Piddy to look into it, and hopefully dump .NET 2 altogether, because it is ancient, and annoying.


    Can someone upload for me somewhere?
  14. When you've imported your kml file, have you:

    a: added enough terrain around the start/finish to accommodate the pit lane [just a thought, don't know if it's important]

    b: In Edit Start/Finish Positions have you clicked on Append Track to set up the AI stuff?

    If I've not done b, then any attempt to alter the values in the Timing Gates tab causes this exception [see pic].

    Why not upload at least your kml file if not the track's venue file for others to try? - then at least you'd know if it's particular to you or not.

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  15. Are you clicking on append track before you try to edit as you can't edit something that doesn't exist. Append track creates a drive line for the track you are working on. If I don't append a new track first and try to edit timing gates I get the same error.
  16. Thanks for the info... going to try it now.
  17. Hi Doser,

    Which version of BTB are you using, PRO, EVO, etc.

    I know EVO has some severe bugs. It doesn't export correctly to Race07 and leaves a safety car smack in the middle of the track. I since had to move to rFactor and BTB Pro, I still need to check oneday if the bug has been removed.

    I noticed you keep importing kml and then the crash, could you try a quick test circuit with the manual generation and then try the gates. Perhaps that's where the hiccup lies.
  18. It's OK it's fixed now.

    I can't believe I went through all that grief reinstalling Windows, thinking it was a problem with DirectX or .NET.

    Basically, all of this was caused by the fact that, instead of a dialogue box popping up saying "Amend Track first" - or an automatic amend track when you go into edit the timing gates, it just threw up a crash message.

    I think in the sense of being more friendly to users, BTB could automatically do it, or at least show a dialogue box telling you to Amend Track.

    As you can see, all this time I thought the program was broken, because it threw up a crash message instead of a friendly dialogue box.

    Just a suggestion to improve the software even more.

    Thanks for a brilliant program.
  19. Glad the problem's solved, but . . .

    From the User Manual/Help file - under Editing/Driveline:

    "Driveline editing is made up of different components; a Centerline, Driveline, Pitlane and Grid/Pit/Garage positions.

    Before you begin to define the various components you need to firstly add a track as the basis of your drivelines. Click the Append Track button to add a track. If you Venue contains more than one track a dialog box will open so you can select the desired track. The track is then used to define the Fastline, Centerline and a temporary Pitlane and positions are marked."

    I think in the sense of being more friendly to BTB, users could automatically read the help files :curl-lip: