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Someone can help me

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Mic451, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Recently I made a post here because I had some problem when I duplicated the team. I solved this problem but now I have another problem:
    When I start a race i see the official livery of the team but if i zoom the camera I can see the custome livery. Can someone help me?

    Cattura4.PNG This is the zoom out and you can see the official livery
    Cattura5.PNG This is the zoom in and you can see my custom livery
  2. ok there can be two reasons for, has you save the bike skin of custom team with mip maps? is an option to create lods of the bike in varius distance, or another reason is that your number of custom bike skin is the same of the official ,example bike skin official is bike 550 and your custom bike skin is also 550 but is more risible as explanation. try to see if you have saved your modified bike skin with mip maps
  3. I saved the custom skin with mipmaps. The official team is the redbull ktm of moto3 and the id of the official team is 712 and i saved the custom team with the id 747 and when i duplicated the team in the cockpit livery ( in the gfxgem) i change the id from 712_721 to 712_747. So i changed the id of the team
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  4. ok this is the problem the first number is referred to the bike skin so is not only for team you must change also the first number so you must name the bike skin as 747 bike skin and try if is visible in the showroom or in the gamecause the second number is referred on the rider number so try 747_747 or the number of your custom rider
  5. I'm still having the same problem. I changed all the id. Maybe I forgot something when I duplicated the team
    This is all what I did
    Catturra.PNG Here I duplicated the bike bike_lod chain cus_glass
    Cattra.PNG Here the rim
    Cattuura.PNG The cus_suit
    Cattura.PNG And this is the gfxgem file where I changed the id and the cockpit livery