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Some remote content mods not installing with rF2 launcher

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by tpw, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. tpw


    Hi guys
    Using the rF2 launcher I'm able to install most remote mods, however there are a few mods I'm unable to download/install for various reasons:

    Failed / South Shore Circuit - Endurance Edition v1.30
    Header Data is corrupt / South Shore Circuit - Endurance Edition v1.30

    Failed / AudiTTCup_2015 v1.0
    Failed Verification / AudiTTCup_2015 v1.0

    Failed / SIMCO_RCM2014 v0.73
    Protocol Error / SIMCO_RCM2014 v0.73

    Has anyone else experienced similar? Or have an explanation or fix? Thanks in advance for any tips.
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  2. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Got the same errors round a friends house last night when trying to download those mods
  3. I installed the AudiTTCup_2015_v10 and it's working, got it from ISR.
  4. Going by your error messages, it seems the files are corrupting in transit.
  5. Stenne


    All Three works well for me without any flaws. Downloaded from different sites.

    Audi TT .. from Racedepartment
    SIMCO RCM ... from ISR
    South Shore ... from Simracing For Life (Facebook)
  6. Loading from the site works. But from the remote content tab in the launcher it fails. Maybe the link included there is no working anymore.
  7. Stenne


    Might be so. I've never downloaded via the Launcher so I have no experience.
  8. But downloading via the launcher is the topic of the first post ;)
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  9. Stenne


    Oops, guess my hands were faster than my head there. :)
  10. tpw


    Thanks for the replies all. Perhaps I should have made the 1st post clearer, I only get the messages when trying to download/install from the remote tab of the rF2 launcher. I have actually manually downloaded the mods and installed them no problems.
  11. Modders (or you) can publish a mod: "Publish Content"

    But the download link are no good or refers to a wrong file, file format or wrong package signature.
    - It has to be the original .rfcmp file (no .rar or .zip)
    - the filename can NOT contain spaces. (repalce space with a _ )
    - ?dl=1 has to be added to the link. not ?dl=0 or don't remove the ?dl=1 like the get missing component link.

    Good example:

    It's up to the Publisher to fix their links.

    Header Data is corrupt / South Shore Circuit - Endurance Edition v1.30

    ==> File name of the download link contains spaces : South Shore Circuit - Endurance Edition.rfcmp .
    Rename the file of the download. File name doesn't matter: ex: South_Shore_Circuit_Endu.rfcmp. The signature has to match with the package, not the file name.
    @Steven Andrew : Do you know the publisher?

    Failed Verification / AudiTTCup_2015 v1.0
    ==> Download link has the wrong file format or is a repack? The signature verification failed @syncmaster

    Protocol Error / SIMCO_RCM2014 v0.73
    ==> I think the download link is removed. I think due to a newer version. @Imre Bende ?
  12. I shall let Jarrko know.
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  13. tpw


    Thanks very much Gijs. I'm glad to know the problem wasn't at my end and not related to the rF2 installer itself.
  14. tpw


    Another new one: Failed verification / FSR_2015 v1.1
  15. tpw


    And another: Failed Verification / ASR_OWC_412T2_1995 0.9.0