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Some questions about the custom discounts

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Ricky78, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Hello Sector3,
    now that I own the ADAC pack I have as custom discounts the GTR3 versions of the BMW Z4 (-75%) and the Mercedes-Benz SLS (-76%).

    Will these discounts last forever or will they be available only for a limited time?
    And will they be cumulative with other discounts (for example a Christmas sale)?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    P.S.: I think that both the answers will be positive, it's just to be sure... :p
  2. I dont have an answer, but I was wondering what the differences are between the discounted versions and the adac versions? I notice some people multiplayer racees still use the older version.
  3. This is pretty obscure to me to. I had most of the cars already, then ADAC came out and I purchased it. I went online to do a monza race and I picked the Mercedes, yet it was not available to me. If the same race was an ADAC race I would have been able to race it.

    While I understand the logic, it seems a bit draconian to me. Either sell the ADAC bunch for a bit more or give a deeper discount on the mercedes (Or any missing cars - to me it seemed the same old price as the cars have always been, BTW, around 400 credits) otherwise this thing seems unfair pricewise./

    Basically, because I chose to purchase some cars ahead of time I am basically paying more for them than someone joining today. Even if I had the privilege to drive them for a longer time, that privilege wasn't much considering it was a hot lap game.

    Essentially, what kis my motivation for purchasing the Mercedes GT3 (or whatever it is) when I already have the ADAC version? Ands even if there was a sound marketing and logical thinking behind it, the discount should be more, at least at this point in time. Once things settle a bit, I am hoping things will get better.

    R3E has changed my mind in a lot of aspects of the game, or at least it made me decide to wait a bit longer to make my mind up. But I have not seen any effort on the company's part to make those of us that essentially financed this effort by purchasing content from day pone and having our investment sit in a half baked game forever.

    Email us a coupon, do something to let us know you appreciate the fact we dropped upwards of $70 for a hot lapping game that had great sound and little else. At the very least, don't make us pay twice for the same car.
  4. I just went back to check on the "specials" in the store and I have a question: Are we all seeing the same prices or are they customized depending on the content we had already purchased?

    For instance, it looks like with 400+ credits one could buy both Radicals and a bunch of liveries. But I already have one of the radical. If someone had purchased no radicals, would they be seeing a higher price?

    What about the BMW M1. It's 174 credits (I think) for the car and a bunch of liveries. Would I be buying the car again or is the price for someone that never purchased the car different from what I see?
  5. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    My price for M1 Procar Pack is 499 vRP, because I don˙t own that car, for Radicals is 340 vRP, but I have both cars and #11 livery :).
  6. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    Ok Let's see if I can clear things up a bit.

    - Regarding ADAC GTM 2013 and GTR3 classes.

    They are two separate classes. Same car models sure, but with various different attributes where one is based on ADAC GT Masters in real life and the other is based on GT3 cars in general. They are not the same cars, but because they are similar and of same model they are what we call, overlapping content.

    Those discounts Ricky78 mentioned are what we call linked discounts. As they're overlapping content (same model with different attributes in two different car classes) you automatically get 75% off for owning one of them in one class, which is about the cost of a livery. This type of discount is not a timed sale. It's forever.

    The question about how this will work with sales (campaigns such as Christmas sales etc.) is still to be determined. Currently it hasn't been implemented that way. At the moment linked discount overrides any other discount but that's not necessarily because it's the intention, but because we haven't decided on how it should work yet.

    Apart from linked discount, you also get discount for owning parts of a pack, which is dynamic and can differ from player to player based on what they own. If you had purchased one of the Radicals individually, the pack will get additional discount.

    This is false. We did have a cache refresh delay in the beginning which was fixed the next day after patch though. Maybe that's what you experienced. If you own Mercedes SLS in one of the classes the other one will be 75% off.

    This is false as well. It's the complete opposite. You are paying less for having purchased and owning some of the content beforehand. I don't understand how you got to this conclusion. Just as an example we have Ricky78 on this thread who paid 1014 instead of the 1800 pack price (which is already discounted from the regular individual prices of the packaged content). He owned 2 cars in GTR3 class and owned DTM Experience 2013 which resulted in a 786 vrp deduction.

    The whole dynamic discount system is made to reward people who are early supporters.
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  7. I have bought the adac gt masters for 1186vrp owning the dtm experience.
  8. Indeed, I am not sure what prices I was seeing and IO don't recall the timing, but they definitely changed.

    I noticed at some point that there must have been a fix because I no longer saw the prices I am discussing here (even though I think I got confused on a couple of cars)

    One strange thing I noticed yesterday that I wish I had documented better was that in the GT3 class the only car I had not purchased yet was the Ruf. The price for the Ruf in the store was high. certainly more than 300 credits, most likely around 400.

    Then I select a race a Monza in SP in GT2 (?) and of course I see the Ruf GT3 as one of the choices and out of curiosity I click on it to see the price. It was much lower than what I saw earlier. I want to say a bit over 200 credits? I thought that was a fair price and I bought it.

    The next session, I see the Mercedes as one of the cars missing from my garage. That was the one that upset me a great deal because I purchased it in ADAC and I didn't have access to it in regular play. I click on it and I am very sure that in the store at some point the price was around 400 credit for that one. I look at the price here and I want to say it was less that 100CR? I remember wondering if it was a livery.

    In any event, even if my prices are wrong I definitely saw a discrepancy between the listed prices in the store and the prices I could purchase the same cars in game.

    The only one I did not purchase is the BMW M1 because I thought the price of all the liveries was still too high.
  9. Hi Sonat,

    I purchased the ADAC pack which contains some of the tracks included in the DTM experience. However when I look at the price of the DTM experience it still shows 2,900. Shoudln't it be discounted if you already have the ADAC pack?

  10. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    Hi Gavin. The linked discounts work one way only e.g. If you own an experience the tracks that are part of that experience will be heavily discounted in RRE, but not the other way around. The linked discounts don't affect the Experience price. Experience is a separate addon.
  11. Hello Sonat,
    this should be mentioned in the store (maybe with some advertising before buying the ADAC) or you'll receive a lot of complains, that's for sure.
    I'll be sincere: I like the linked discounts but this isn't a clever move.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2014
  12. Also, this will probably prevent your customers to buy additional single contents: if the linked discounts work only in one-way, we will wait for the releases of the future experiences (ADAC 2014, DTM 2014 and WTCC), without buying cars & tracks in the meantime.
    I'm not an economist but I can imagine that for you it's probably better to have incomes during all the year instead that only with the major releases.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2014
  13. Hi Sonat

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    It makes no sense that the order you buy duplicate content in affects the price. Had I known this I would have bought the DTM experience first and then the ADAC. This policy can only cause customer frustration and the feeling of being ripped off rather than anything positive.

    I'm effectively going to have to pay for the common tracks twice now.
  14. Same here, in a different manner: I was thinking to finally buy the other tracks that I still don't own, but since most of them will be included with the WTCC Experience it's better to wait.

    Unfortunately money does not grow on trees.
  15. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    If there isn˙t some licence problems with DTM series, so you had to do the way as it is, I totaly agree with Gavin and Ricky˙s last post.
  16. I was thinking this as well, itunes has a good complete album system where it takes the single song price and discounts the album accordingly. i'd like to see the same system in r3e because i have brought a lot of my favorite tracks but would like the cars in the packs.
  17. we must consider that many traces of the DTM as the nurburgring are only present in small layout, I have purchased the dtm exp when it came out, and many other content, when I saw the offer ADAC I was confused, then I saw that I had the 75% discount on the car "double" and circuit layout with complete layout and other officers are not in the DTM. Now I have all the car ADAC - GT3 and many I had with 75 vpr maybe something in the system can be fixed but I think if a sim / game you like and makes you have fun is also fair to argue for new developments in the future, then do not dimentichimo that this is the only SIM / game that offers free access to many content initially, if after you decide to purchase other is your choice ...
  18. Felice, the biggest complaint is that Sector3 didn't state nowhere that the linked discounts work only in one way.

    The changelog says
    with no exceptions. :cautious:

    So some users bought first the ADAC pack and then DTME with no discount.
    And this will probably happen again when they will release the ADAC 2014 Experience (AFAIK unannounced but it was visible in the Experience menu before the hotfix) for all the users that bought the ADAC 2013 Pack, or for the owners of the tracks that will be included with the WTCC Experience.

    I don't want to start a flame, but basically this is false advertising.
  19. Valid points!