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Some question from a newbie to GSC

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Antonio Crinò, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hi guys! I need your help...

    -How can I disable the autoblip function? In the .plr I have already the autolift and autoblip off, but the stock car continues to autoblip. It's just annoying because on onboard videos of the real car, the driver has to blip the throttle, and here you don't need it...

    -How much max steer lock the Formula Classic has? Because I can't see any differences between 10° and 24°.

    -How can I reduce the shifting time on the H gearbox? Here like on others gmotor sims is just too slow.
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    50 views and nobody gives a single answer. Oh well.

    Tony, the autoblip you can enable/disable whilst on track by pressing the F8 or F9 key (should say someting like "auto clutch off")

    The steerlock and rotation in real life i dont know exactly but advised by Reiza to use in GSC is 540 degrees of wheel rotation with 21 - 22 steerlock in your car setup section of the game.

    I think when you disable auto clutch it will reduce your shifting time as well with a gated shifter. Personally i don't find it to slow as the McLaren MP4/4 of Senna wasn't exactly a fast shifting machine either :)
  3. I've already switched off the autoclutch, the car infact can stall. On .plr both autoblip and autolift were On by default so I switched them Off, but there wasn't any result. It's like the stock car can autoblip itself like the F1, that is strange...

    Yeah, my question was about steerlock on setup ;) If you set 10° it's the same than 24°, like the car can't turn the wheels more than 10°

    I found it slow because if you use it like a dogbox shifter, only lift and no clutch on upshift and a very fast shift, you can feel the transmission is not fast like the gear stick.

    BTW thanks for the help Bram :)