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WIP Some new track - please tell me what do you think...

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by martinez, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Greetings! This will be a gravel track of my fantasy.

    I would appreciate your advices, comments etc.
  2. I rather liked it, it has a nice flow and some good elevation changes, quite a few jumps too that should add a challenge. It reminds me a bit of some of the Finland tracks. Not many serious hazards though, are you planning on adding some trees or other hazards to make it more challenging?
  3. Looks good at first glance. I like the road profile. Good drivers will cut those corners straight and it will be 6 gear stage, maybe adding some object close to road will make you more careful. Thanks
  4. You have done a fantastic work so far. :)
    I will be a really nice stage.

    Road-terrain texture integration/combination is cool.
  5. Thanks a lot for your quick answers.
    First of all, I'm really impressed with YOUR tracks, Gentlemen :)
    Yes, it's just a track and and terrain, no objects yet. I'm not experienced "builder", so I just wanted to check how it goes - without e.g moving all the vegetation due to bend changes. For now, it's probably too fast - this can be driven almost with the pedal in the floor (my Fraps limited the fps to 30 when I recorded the video, so I was to be very careful). So, I'll try to make it a little bit more challenging itself. The whole thing is (for now) like 8 km, the next sections are much more twisty and to drive with care...
    Maybe some of you can help me with creating new objects etc. - I just have no idea of XPacks, creating meshes and all that stuff. How to use transparency with textures... Many questions then.. I know, how to use Photoshop, but have any experiences with 3d textures and objects. I just need some clues how to start, which tools are usable etc.
    For example - this "sky" is just giant wall with some texture i put to one of XPacks (using just BTB). The texture is stretched like hell :) Maybe I could add some clouds, but don't know how ;) I believe that it should be rather some big terrain object hung over the track?
  6. I'm happy that I found the way to make some sky :) It's probably one of several ways, but it works fine. Here are some screenshots.



  7. Looks not bad, but I don't like the slim size of the bridge, I think it doesn't look very stable ;):peace:
  8. :) Thanks, it looks like this when you stop the car there ;) For now, I stopped building this track - messed too much ;) Finishing another one, inspired by real track. I guess it will be ready next week.
  9. I meant the look in the video ;) (from the side)
  10. :) Ah, I see, misunderstood ;) Oh, yes, this was the very first version of the track, the bridge was thicker afterwards, enough to hold wrc cars ;)