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some informations

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by loma28, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Hi. I just knew about this game. I'd like to know , before buying it, if you can simulate a Championship whith races and actual teams , if there are driving aids and how is AI in race.
    Finally as I play only Formula open wheels do you recommend this game or RFactor2?
    Thank-you so much
  2. The answer to all of your questions is YES YOU CAN ; )
    About the Driving aids and AI configuration just think about an rFactor and there you have it, quite aggressive AI, difficult to chase and huge ammount of setup and aid customization.

    The feeling of the trucks are great, near the best mods Ive seen in rFactor. Anyway, dont compare it with rFactor 2 as this last one will give you more chances to install mods and drive other categories. But if you like truck races, Formula Truck is a must buy.

    Hope it helps, good luck!
  3. Tank-you gorka. Only one thing: when you speak about truck races, do you mean real trucks or open wheel like Formula 1, which is my most interest.
    Thanks again