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Some Grid 2 questions

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Iceman, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. First, what does these symbols mean, and why are they different color?


    2: Is it true that the higher rank online, the further behind in the starting grid you have to start every time ?

    3: Why are all people such assholes online, just wanting to wreck everybody ? I struggle so damn hard each race because I start all the way at the back, and I have people blocking and all kinds of bullshit in the front. I can't remember one guy not trying to ram me at the first opportunity, and why is that ? If people drive like that all the time they can't get any decent finishes at all.
  2. How clean they run.... White, Green, Yellow, Red (clean to very unclean).

    re 2: Usually, but not always

    re 3: That's they way it's always been online.... sad but true.... If you can keep your rating high (white/green).... If there are enough online events, one is more likely to get "matched" with cleaner drivers. But not always.....

    based on my limited experience with Grid 2 online.... so take with a grain of salt or 2.
  3. Are you sure that the colored exclamation marks are "how clean they run" ? All these days I thought that's ping(latency) :|
  4. Michael is correct, they have to do with how clean a driver you are.
  5. Hijacking.....

    Okay, I would like to think there is a way to accomplish this, but I can't find it..... When Online, is there a way to Mute All? I am annoyed as all heck to basically spend most of the time in the lobby to mute newcomers only to have an inane, yelling, yahoo join at the last minute.....
  6. Symbols are your Impact Rating (how clean you drive) with white being the cleanest and red being complete idiot.
    Starting grid depends on the setting host choosed for the lobby, you can check it by going to lobby settings/advanced options/grid order.
    Voice option is on the left side when you are in lobby so you can choose if you want to hear everybody, grid 2 party only, friends only, or nobody (mute all).
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  7. Thanks, got them silenced......