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Some Great SLI Scaling Results (non-default SLI comp. bits)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Spinelli, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. As of rFactor 2 b982, I seem to be getting pretty-much perfect SLI scaling using the SLI compatibility bits 0x02D04005 (LEGO Batman 2, etc.) - RF2 thread here

    I decided to try the same compatibility bits with SCE...

    Interlagos 2 @ 12:00 AM (night time is more graphically demanding)
    Camaro (headlights on)
    Cockpit view
    Maxed out graphics
    Level 2 AA
    6000 x 1080 (5760 x 1080 w/ bezel compensation)

    Default SLI Comp. Bits = 0x00000000: ------------------------ Avg: 202.197 - Min: 150 - Max: 267
    SLI Comp. Bits = 0x02D04005 (LEGO Batman 2, etc.): Avg: 310.336 - Min: 229 - Max: 406

    Wow, fantastic!!!

    The weird thing (In SCE's case) is that GPU usage was the same in both tests - high 80s to low 90s % for both cards. It therefore seems like GPU usage shouldn't be the only thing looked at when determining SLI GPU scaling.
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  2. Thanks, @Spinelli , for this great info.

    It's great news for rF2 too. I'll probably buy it now (although I don't know how I'm gonna find time to get into it - I got AC and pCARS recently and have only just scratched the surface of them).

    We're spoiled for sims at the moment. Can't complain :)
  3. You're welcome. I should to do more tests (for example, lots of cars on screen) but this is extremely encouraging.

    I repeated the test twice because I just couldn't believe it at first, lol!

    RF2 and then SCE are my fav but those other two are fun too! I've had a blast playing R3E as well :)
  4. Any Compatibility-bits for us non-SLI 970 users? :)
  5. GeForce GT 650M SLI

    GSCE tests:

    Track - Spielberg Vintage
    Car - Formula Retro Copersucar

    Default compatibility bits (0x00000000): Min: 74 - Max: 94
    SLI Bits 0x02D04005 (LEGO Batman 2, etc.): Min: 124 - Max: 150
    SLI Force alternate frame Rendering 2: Min: 124 - Max: 150

    Seems SLI bits and SLI AFR2 have the same effect for GSCE on my system.
  6. Shouldn't @Spinelli 's tips be good for any gfx cards in sli, not just 970s?