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Some BTB questions for airfield track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by scoobyzuk, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Hi there.

    I am making an airfield rally stage from a rally I have recently done. so I have a few questions as this is my 1st track.

    Merging tracks should be fairly easy as the whole site is pretty much flat so I will add all the roads on the site as it will be easier to do widths. But how do I make it so it starts at one point, goes round the track once then splits left and does the same loop then at the end of that lap split right to the finish.

    Texture for broken Road?
    How do I add Xpacks? I have downloaded great britain but how do I add it?
    Car Tyres and Oil Barrels and high mesh fencing as objects?

    these are the questions I remember at the moment, I might remember more soon.
  2. Oh yeah and I am running Vista this is for Rfactor.

    How do I move on the top view without zooming in and out as my numpad arrows (nor the normal arrows) move it. It is mildly annoying but liveable with at the moment.
  3. I use "rFactor AIWCAM Editor" for driveline creation and editing; it is much more sophisticated than BTB's app. The answers to your other questions are in the BTB User Manual: RTFM! :wink:
  4. Do you read tutorial form BTB?
  5. Ah it was late last night and read the movement thing wrong. Cheers for that.

    I mean what xpacks have Tyres, Oil Barrels and Mesh Fencing? I have seen them I think and wondered if they were available before I give making them a go.

    Will go read about AIWCAM editor for the merge/split driveline