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Some AI settings please

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by jimortality, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. jimortality


    I'm only average and don't even get in the top ten on 95% but just looking to change some AI settings. Is it track car dependent or are there some settings I could change across the board. Cheers
  2. Across the board settings you can use:
    1) Difficulty... you're already using that when you say 95% and you can go lower while building skills.
    2) Aggression... I like 50% otherwise the AI kind of gives up when you pass them and they're not eager to go around you even when you're slow. Sometimes setting aggression lower will help decrease AI calamity, but not very often in my experience.
    3) That other thing that controls "rubber-banding" whose name escapes me... set it to zero or else the difference between slow and fast AI drivers will disappear, overriding the AI talent files to some degree.

    AI speed is track dependent. Some track makers take the time to create a good AI path and some don't. For example, the AI on Brands Hatch are woefully slow and the AI on Loch Drummond is fast.

    AI speed is also mod dependent due to talent files. So the modern Formula Two accurately conveys the tight racing that occurred in that series, with only two drivers being slightly off the leader's pace and the rest being very close. On the other hand, the talent files for Renault Clio Cup exhibit a wide spread and only the top two appear to be close to what a typical player can achieve (and those that practice with the Clios a lot will be at 120% difficulty).

    AI speed is also setup dependent. Race the GT1-4 cars at Sebring and you'll discover the AI doesn't have the proper gearing/aero package, especially that Nissan GT-R. With a proper setup, you'll blow by the AI GT-R on the back straight. Now let the AI drive your properly set up car and he'll be lapping much quicker than the other AI.

    AI stability is mod dependent. Look at the difference between how unstable the Howston AI are compared to the Brabham AI on a circuit like Silverstone where there isn't much to run into.

    And finally, all of these variables can be under your control if you want to delve into them. Perhaps the simplest thing is to create your own talent files through making virtual rides (spread them out if they're too clumped for your taste, slow them down more if 80% difficulty is still not slow enough for you). Next easiest is to use AI learning, though if a trackmaker did a really poor job AI it is better to make your own AI path (AIW file).
  3. I agree with Emery. I been in rF1 from the beginning making new ai fast lines, starting grids, pitlanes, etc. rF1 got a bad ai reputation because many of those converted 3rd party tracks had either poorly made or corrupted ai fast lines (AIW) which should have been redone. I made new rF1 AIW's for several tracks specifically made for the FIA GT3, and Indycar mods to achieve the best ai possible. This gave me unbelievable results that transformed the ai into the best of all sims today, excluding rF2 which i hear are quite good except for a few track/car combinations and 3rd party tracks. I also tweaked ai settings in the PLR files, Talent files and Engines files of each mod where ai settings were concerned.

    Since rF2 is now showing more than ever it's greatness i plan on purchasing it when it's next sale is available on Steam. My goal is to transform the tracks that have ai problems into a more challenging ai for some of my favorite mods such as the FIA GT3's and Indycars!
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  4. jimortality


    Thanks Emery, I think the best things for me then is to keep practising and not worry too much about the ai files.
  5. "That other thing" which I couldn't remember the name of is called AI Limiter.
  6. jimortality


    So for example, if I want to run a offline 2 hour race I want to know the AI will pit when supposed to etc. Can this be done and how do make them have the same set up as me and do I need them to have? Cheers