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Some advice please guys.

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Michael Llewellyn, May 21, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, my son just purchased himself an Xbox for playing Forza 4.

    Now he is very up to speed when it comes to racing games and prides himself on things like car set up and the like.He has been playing for a number of years now on a variety of different platforms.

    I into F1 racing games, so i enjoy a different style of racing to him.

    Now the advice help please, no matter how hard he tries all of his cars in Forza 4 are under steering to the point of nearly ruining the game for him, is there anyone in the Forza community that could offer some help for this issue we are having, it would make his day and mine.

    Any help is most appreciated.

  2. I am no expert so read the following with caution!

    In the tuning menu the areas to target are in the suspension/ bumps / shocks etc. Read the associated text and it's usually a matter of moving the balance a little at a time in the desired direction to achieve desired result for reducing under steer.

    There are some vids on this forum on set up. I'll try and find them and post a link. :)
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  3. Thanks guys i appreciate the help a lot.

    My son has just watched the tuning vids and is already seeing a good benefit from it.

  4. There tends to be some sort of all round setup, especially useful as a starting point. Personally I tend to set the cambers at around 1.1 on the front 0.8 on the rear. Toe settings: 0.2 on the front, -0.2 on the rear. Caster is usually around 5.5.

    Anti Roll Bars are kinda awkward but try turning the front bar down. This should help the car turn in a bit better. Be sure not to set the suspension up too hard as this can affect your turning ability.

    These tend to be the first areas you should look at to start getting the feel for your car.

    Hope this helps!! Any questions, just ask an I'll try my best to sort it!
  5. also there are some very good tuners here, some speicalise in tuning the high end cars and others (inculding Myself) tune some of the lower end PI cars, if he needs a tune he can post on here with the Car, Track and Target PI (performance index) im sure someone will help tune it
  6. Thank you guys , most appreciated indeed.