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Solve lag problems

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Sven De Nys, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Well I hear many people complain about the big lag issues online.

    There is a simple solution to solve most of it: In the game lobby, change the local connection speed to LAN. This way, the cars won't be tha laggy anymore... :)
  2. Hello i have a lot of problems with the connection the ping is to much high, whats hapanned to the servers because before wasnt like that ??
  3. yeah in de game Lobby, the ping is indeed on the high side... Dunno what causes this :s
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    what servers are you mentioning, ours or all servers have a high ping? and did you put your connection on LAN level?

    After the first day i havent had lag, dumps or whatsoever anymore. But i think the solution posted by mystic is good
  5. First time i tryed the cats today and my fps have never been so good as it is now :D
  6. Will it work with my lags too?
  7. Try it :) and you'll noticed!!