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Solution to understeer!

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Mariano, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, after playing a couple of hours to F1 2012, with all assist off except for gearbox in automatic, it was really hard keep the car on the track in some spins, and after watching a lot of real F1 videos, and some F1 2012 game videos on youtube, I found that in those videos the the were not playing in automatic but manual.
    So the thing is that in automatic takes much more time when down shifting and takes more time to reduce velocity, so the car slides a lot in turns.
    What I try was to play with manual gear box, so i could make the down shifting faster, and guess what, the understeer was gone!!!

    I think that that is what may be happing to all who have that problem, try to play with manual gear box :)

    Sorry for my english :)
  2. I use a manual box and had the horrible understeer which to a small effect I still get if I don't do things properly like braking and turning in correctly. The key to getting rid of the understeer seems to be playing with the steering linearity (if you have a wheel) to get a smooth and consistent turn in to corners.

    I've found gearing down another gear sometimes cuts the understeer and helps me stay on track, so it's beneficial to use manual gears.
  3. Been doing this always and it doesn't help.
    I'm really sick of this game already.
  4. Why, because it's different than 2011? You have to get 2010 & 2011 out of your system if you want to enjoy 2012
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  5. I'd love to but this understeer in the middle of a corner drives me NUTS !!!
    I've got an old school Logitech WingMan FF but it shouldn't matter.
  6. You are doing what I was guilty of...... having too much speed entering the turns.
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  7. Well, braking is a different issue.
    I feel like am driving a huge chunk of soap.
    Oh boy oh boy.
    I'm not enjoying this game and that's what is all about.

    I fiddled a wee bit with Logitech Profiler.
    Unticked allow game adjust to settings, switched OFF input overide in the game and seems it's finally playable.
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Understeer is mostly caused by going into corners too fast.

    I see people online ending up in the gravel blaming the game while in fact they have no clue how to race an open wheeler. :)

    Edit: Kenya already beat me with saying the same :)
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  9. Brake bias - front.

    Turn in correctly.

    Accelerate cleanly, don't overdo it on the throttle.

    Understeer fixed. I'm a genius. :)
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  10. I found my own understeer fix and amazingly is very similar to the real life one.

    As you approach the turn hit the brakes as close to 100% as you can without locking up.
    As the car is slowing down start lifting your foot from the pedal
    Your foot should be off the brakes as soon as or right before you start turning

    Understeer disappers and if you are going to fast for the turn, understeer won;t be your problem, the entire car will go off.

    Of course, playing with the brake balance is also useful and as you learn this technique and apply it properly, you can start modulating the brakes so you can brake later and modulate the steering.braking combo better.

    As in real life, tires can only have so much traction. If you are using it 100% for braking, you can't use it for steering and vice versa. So if steering takes 30% of your traction, you only have 70% left for your brakes. If steering takes 80% you only have 20% to brake and so on.
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  11. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    I have no problens with understeer. I trail brake more then ever and the car still turns. I love this game, so much better then 2011. It seems to be that the people who are better drivers are enjoying this game a lot more then those who arent as good. There is nothing wrong with this game :) in terms of handling.
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  12. the handling in this game is perfect more realistic u can't just crank around the corners anymore its all about throttle delivery...
  13. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I like the handling as well but the gearbox is just unrealistic. It can't break if you're shifting too quickly. Alberto was kind enough to check the regulations for the exact wording.

  14. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    If you use the steerin linearthingy you should try out different settings. On my g27 i only have 5% brake saturation. Everything else 0. Then in FFB, 30, 80, 30. In the profiler it is 107% overall. 400deg and allow game to make adjustments. Everything else 0 and centering spring off.
  15. everyone says they have a solution, but let me say this: the slowest corner of the whole f1 calendar is the casino hairpin in monaco, and i've been trying to solve this understeer issue while driving around sepang, and i noticed that no matter how u set up the car, you'll turn in slower than the casino curve, it's absurd. the only way to turn in with no understeer is drifting, but well, u can't do that in an f1 car. Also this has nothing to do with u playing with a wheel, it's a game issue. BTW i'm playin with no assists at all, full damage and wear simulation
  16. Maybe it's because F1 2011 was my first F1 game since 04 and it's been a steep learning curve but I far prefer the understeery feel to the oversteer of last year. Since I'm playing with a controller on Xbox, playing with no assists meant that the car was very tail happy if I didn't put almost all of my attention to throttle application. Now with the new way in which the car handles, I can now try and race properly instead of worrying when the car was going to swap ends. I know most people on here are on a wheel where the whole thing feels completely different, and my point may be invalid, but I feel that the change is a welcome one.
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  17. FYI peeps, I don't understeer. Kinda getting to grips with the game a little now luckily.. You should really pay close attention to your car setups. If you're running a setup that was uber fast for 2011, chances are you'll have to go back to square one. Perhaps your brakes are locking up causing this "understeer", perhaps you have a fundamental setup issue. Imo, if you're understeering it's your fault, because I am not understeering. Fuggin simple.
    "I have understeer all the time" basically means "I know nothing about F1, racing in general; nor am I able to see that I'm the problem"
    The game is harder this year, deal with it like the rest of us. And if you like the F1 2011 handling system so much, you're more than welcome to play F1 2011 instead.
    I'll carry on trail braking with @James Maskell
  18. What? I tried TT in Monaco in an attempt to learn how the F do I keep slamming the walls in Spa (which was my favorite track in 2011)

    I went slower than usual, 2012 has differentiated mechanical and aero grip. It's for the good of the simulation.

    Try turning on the racing line, they give the best estimation of what speed and angle to attack a turn, then complain.

    Can I complain here about my lead foot though? :D

  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I have to say that I am really enjoying the driving in 2012.. thats not to say that I didn’t also enjoy 2011, that gave me countless hours of fantastic racing both online and off. It is definitely more of a challenge now though and I am happy that we can no longer throw the car through the corners and have to actually manage the steering, braking and throttle application much more carefully. Getting the wheel setup correctly is a definite factor (linerity being the key as far as I am concerned) and of course having a decent setup helps too but it's the getting the technique nailed and being accurate in your line that makes the biggest difference in helping to eliminate any understeer.
  20. While i agree that understeer is a curable issue if you drive properly, there's certainly something wrong with the handling on this game, oversteer on entry is something that doesn't exist, which in turn makes the understeer seem worse than it really is.
    Had they balanced out front and rear grip better this wouldn't be an issue.

    Another complaint, this one very personal, is that i have horrible feel for the brakes in this game, high pressure is too high, i have no feel for the bite point where i can initiate my turn-in without issues and medium pressure has me braking 30 meters earlier, the game needed a medium/high pressure setting badly and what's the point of low settings being so low? no one is gonna ever use that...