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RD MINI Challenge - Round 4 Silverstone (Live)


Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by lollospartacus, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Enter the menu with the keyboard, options, controller up, choose joy-pad and press esc always keybord, then continue with the pad.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
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  2. You little beauty!!!...How on earth did ya find that out???

    Ha!...Works like a charm Thanks!
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  3. I did a little test at the end there it done.
  4. Yeah, I thought as much. Very good find though m8 and saves a lot of hassle!

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  5. I'm happy for you
  6. rkh


    WORKS!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
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  7. "and press esc always tastira"
    I Google Tastira : Tunisian Fried Peppers and Eggs.
    *scratches his head*
  8. rkh


    tastira = keyboard
  9. I have wrong to write, sorry, I edited the post
  10. Thanks lollospartacus, it works
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  11. Oh you the King, thanks :)....I'm fed up of changing the controls every time I start the game :thumbsdown:
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