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SoftTh and trackmap working together

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Diego Balzarini, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. I've been trying to run softth and trackmap without any luck.
    SoftTh works perfectly without trackmap if i force rf2 32bit but if i want to add the other plugin the game crashes.
    I renamed softth dll and got trackmapplugin to point at it and it doesnt work.
    Anyone managed to get them both to work?

  2. Thanks, I think there's something wrong because v096 doesn't work at all.
    I followed the instructions and copied the d3d9.dll in bin32, trackmap.dll in bin32/plugin and the folder trackmap with all the maps in the rfactor folder.
    It crashes even without Softth, there must be something wrong I do, Could you please share details instructions?

    Thanks mate
  3. Without softth trackmap works in 64 not in 32 (It crashes)
    I used d3d9.dll v096 and the one you gave me.
    I think the problem is the trackmapplugin.dll
  4. OK. To run 64 bit client with Softh and Trackmap together: download and install trackmap 0.95, download Softh 2.08 64bit ver rename softh dll to d3d9_th.dll then copy it to rfactor2/bin64 folder, then
    go to rfactor2/plugins/trackmap/TrackMapPlugin.ini and change OriginalD3D9Dll=d3d9_th.
    If rfactor 64bit crashes replace dll with one i provided in the prevoius link
  5. rf2 64 doesnt work with softth, it crashes without installing trackmap.
    If i put softth dll in bin 64 the rfactor config file doesnt open, it creates the soft config.ini but it crashes
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2016
  6. Are you using 2.08 64bit version of softh ?
  7. I do. It's the one i found on the softth website. I have no idea why it crashes. Unluckily the guy behind it has given up and no one has pick it up yet... a lot of people are waiting for a dx11 ver.
    Do you have a steam version? I know it's silly but if your 64 ver works would you mind to send me the dll to see if it works?
  8. Ye it is strange. One more thing you can try is to copy Softh 32bit dll into /bin32 and try to run 64bit rFactor2.
    I don't know how to upload *.dll file here but i downloaded it from
    I use non steam client btw
  9. thats why your 64 is working and mine isnt. I read somewhere that steam version has problem with 64 softth.
    I downloaded both files at the softth website. Trackmap has problem with SCE too.
    It's a great plugin but i rather have 2 screens for racing and a better view that all that stuff on 1 monitor.

    I was hoping for a possible solution but not many use softth.

    Thanks for your help though :thumbsup:
  10. @Diego Balzarini, do you have the link for trackmap 0.95? I use 0.96 too and can no longer find 0.95, and would like to try SoftTH too. TIA.
  11. I don't. I downloaded v096. cant get it working though.
    I have the same problem in SCE future AMS, I prefer to use Dual monitor:)