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SoftTH and RBR

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by DjFIL, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Can anyone help me to get SoftTH and RBR working? I'm trying with the latest 2.08 alpha build.

    I tried to place my config file and the d3d9.dll (32-bit version, was using 64-bit with iRacing) in the root folder of RBR. Then I told RBR the new resolution that SoftTH has calibrated. When trying to launch the game the screens go black, flicker, then crash to desktop with no error. Any logs I would find to post and help with this?

    Got it working great with iRacing (pic below). But would really love to figure it out with RBR. And then if possible later with KRP, ETS2 & Formula Truck (once released).



    EDIT: I got SoftTH working for Euro Truck Sim 2, looks great. And got Kart Racing Pro working as well with their own built in custom multi monitor setup. Only if I could get RBR to work.
  2. Never mind. Got it working with SoftTH 1.08. Too bad how it stretches the GUI and puts the HUD on the far right... but beyond that it looks great (with the bezel correct and FOV horizontal correction in place).