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SObjects/strings no collide anymore ? (rFactor)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Andre_1th, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Suddenly new added strings like fences (from GB brb xpack) won't collide anymore.
    Any idea ?

    When I first set it collidable in properties then BTB comes with the famous Unhandled Exception.
    When I add the string and only check the colliding, wich is enabled and save and export and test with rFactor I can drive through, grr

    Found it: It only appears with the Xpack strings as mentioned above, some fences don't like to collide with cars, dunno why. Default strings working still fine.

    Confused: Previous same fences did collide .........
  2. Sub


    I've noticed that the SObjects in 8.0.3 can be a little buggy. Sometimes one end of a SObject that's been on the track for a while will turn into something else. I've had fence posts turn into orange cones more than a couple times now.

    When your SObject lost its collision, did it change into a different shape or did it stay the same?
  3. I think for fences etc. it's even better to switch all collisions off and build a simple (low-poly - long panel length) transparent wall in the place. Then computer worries about collisions for much less polygons either.
  4. Nope shape didn't changed.
  5. Yes, offcourse, I did read about hidden walls in some previous thread.

    Something like this:
    hiddenwall001_as.jpg Whats the best panel length ?

    Found also this: http://www.racedepartment.com/bobs-track-builder/15584-sobjects-problem.html
  6. The best panel length - it depends :) If you want simple long straight wall - could be even 100 meters, but then every skew you want to have will look sharp. I use 100 meters for invisible walls surrounding my tracks since I want to have as few polygons as needed. But if you add more control points (ctrl-click on the wall - these blue balls) it will divide the wall into more polys.
    Also, you can check how it works for Material Change - so, you can have long-panel wall and also set the Material Change for "panel" or specify by how many meters it will recreate. I use this for long landscape walls - they really don't need big textures to look nice :)
  7. @Martinez, I understand you.

    Read also some of your older posts , very educating :)
    Basicly, what Im doing now, is just solving the fence issue (not colliding) with transparent walls (colliding) So in fact Im using even more (almost 2x) poly's , hehe.

    Perfect would be that all the bloody strings were collidable and reliabel !
    Wait a second, my brains are working again (new battery) : No time to test now rfactor +dedi running but maybe change wall material into string and ready ? I mean no bugs with walls...

    Tnx m8, still learning, dobrze !
  8. As I understand 'materials' and 'strings' (SObjects) - the Strings consist of Objects (as in the name), so Objects need some Materials to be real. How to change Materials into Strings, I don't know ;) There are some Materials for walls in "Rural Australia" xpack - fences (maybe three of them), so maybe you can use just those if you don't need your fences to be much detailed (or if they stand rather far away from the road.
    I only have RBR, never played rFactor, so I not always sure how ideas work there in rF :)
    Hey, some Polish, I see :) Powodzenia! - good luck! :)
  9. Tnx sir, I think it's all about to create a smooth track, wich looks good, or a track wich you can build fast with ugly square walls, ecpecially in corners. Maybe you know the rFactor FRS tracks?
    Proberly those are some kind of conversion, I dont know, but this shows exactly how not to build a track ;)
    And to go back to the SObjects and objects and also materials: Not only SObjects wont collide anymore, the same with simple objects, you save, you export and hopla you can drive again right through those, then start btb again, check all objects and correct :)
  10. I discovered something a little while ago. Make your collidable sobjects drivable (in other words make them a hat target) and give them a material value to suit their purpose cmwl for cement wall, grdr for guard rail or safer, etc.
    If you make them collidable, a hat target and give them the right material, then you won't need an invisible wall. (of course if they are complex sobjects and have a lot of polys then by all means use invisible walls :)
    Just make sure to double check the scn file when it is exported and see that they are set to Hattarget=True
  11. Sry 4 late respons, buzy ;) My scn file is BIG not sure if have to change all Hattarget into True.
    Yes I have to use at some points transparant walls because the fences I use are too low and cars can crash/fly over those fences.

    Do you think the color of the transparant wall will infect cpu or grafical kart? Or is it just the poly's?
    I did some test by removing the transparent wall material, but that wont work ;)
    So now I make that wall as thin as possible with a grey color, not red !
  12. use notapad++ to edit your files, its free and very handy, just google it. Then you can use the search and search for the object name and paste in the right info.
    Alternatively you can try 3dsimed, there is a 20 day demo. but it's limited to how many objects you can export. You can use it to update your scn file in one click.
    But be careful, always make a back up before you edit with new toys :D
  13. I'm using UltraEdit, quit convinient ;) So I only have to search for the object name and then give it the true value? Yes sir tnx, I know something about backups ;)