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So what cars are coming to Assetto Corsa in 2016?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Niko Pesonen, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Toyota SUPRA MK IV
    Toyota CELICA
    Toyota AE-86[​IMG]
    Toyota GT-86 GT4
    Toyota TS040 HYBRID

    • Lamborghini Asterion
      • Lamborghini Veneo
        Lamborghini Gallardo GT3

    Modern Ferrari F1 Car

    Audi TT Cup Car

    Ford GT GT3

    +Rumoured Aston Martin license

    Am I missing something or are those all of the cars we know of?
  2. Anyone know if Tatuus Prototype PY 012 is still coming to Assetto? It was announced in Septermber 2012 and no word of it has been heard since.
  3. RUF RT35 (not sure what the holdup is, it was announced for the DP1 but was replaced by m235i. might be cancelled)
    Ford Mustang (the current gen I believe)
    Alfa Romeo 33/2
    Audi Quattro grp. B
    Audi R18 (equivalent of TS040)
    Chevy Corvette C7

    I'd put pretty high odds on the roadgoing 650S or maybe 675LT but I don't know a timeline. The C7 and grp B quattro are most certain as they've been seen ingame as has the F138.
  4. Jimlaad43

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  5. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
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    We have seen the Ferrari F138 in the console announcement trailer, so that's something.
  6. Dp4 could be the last one -- might be a bit weird if the PC version ends up being more costly than the console.
  7. I'd take Ford GT GT3 only if it was the new one, the Gallardo GT3 is old too and I honestly don't want to see any more out-dated GT3 cars, just add the new ones, save some money.
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  8. Chris

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    It's about time Assetto got some meat on its bones. Whilst the LMP1 cars would be fantastic additions, they're kind of useless as you can't really use them for what they're built for.

    If we could set time limited races that would be nice.
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  9. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
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    URD currently has 3 LMPs on offer. They totally aren't the 2015 spec Audi R18, both 2014 and 2015 Rebellion R-One, and the Oreca 05. They also plan to add 2 others that totally aren't the Porsche 919 and the Toyota TS040.
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  10. For what I know next URD LMP1 car will be 919 and after come 2 other LMP2 cars
  11. Are we talking about official or modded cars?
    Anyway I read on Assettocorsa.net that more Caterham cars are coming, can't wait!
  12. we are talking about official content, that caterham stuff is mod content.
  13. I know...
  14. any clue on next tracks? I think they didn't license/laserscan anything else since brands hatch, did they?
  15. there have been a few hints here and there. we know a couple of historic tracks have been laser scanned like the existing parts of the of the old tracks from monza(coming this year very likely),silverstone and spa. They suggested fiorano which pretty much everyone said no to likely because its not really much of a great circuit for pack racing.
  16. airutonpurosuto8912


    Modern F1 Car = Ferrari F138.