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So what are you racing this week?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by William Nowell, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. As the title said. This week I'm only planning on three cars, all open wheel. The Dallar and the Star Mazda @ Walkins Glen and the Lotus @ Spa. Gonna pass on the DP this week at Brands Hatch. I like the track but at an 80 min. race, I don't like it that much. I've had the Dallar for a couple of months and never raced it, I think Walkins Glen will be a good place to get use to it. I race there last season in the SM and it was pretty easy to keep it on track. I've already cut almost a .5 of second off last seasons time so hopefully I will be able to run towards the front this season. The Lotus will be the real toss up since I am new to it and about 5 seconds off the pace. I'm hoping the 30 lap race will help me get real close to the Lotus and get me on the right track for next season. The spec ford is also racing @ Walkins Glen so I am take a spin in it. So what about you? What are you racing this week?

    And of course RD's mx-5 championship!!!!
  2. Well I will for sure be in the Star Mazda races. I finally won a race in my split and almost had a second, however I pushed a bit to hard in the last couple of laps enough to graze a wall. It didn't wreck me but it was enough to end the race. I may run the skip but I'm not so sure about that one just yet. I need to practice that track with that car, as I did once and it wasn't pretty...hehe I'm like you though, it's all open wheels for me at the moment.

    Like yourself, I too am running in the MX-5 Championship.
  3. MX5 @ LRP, trying to get to 58.xxx... that's pretty much it lol
  4. Finding time this week is going to be a problem for me, as it has been the last few weeks. I'd like to do the Williams at Indy and the SM at Watkins. But the Lotus thread has got me thinking I'd like to take that car out again, especially as its on the gorgeous Spa circuit, so I might see you on track William ;-)
  5. It´s all Mazda för me :)

    I find the cars so different that i have to really sit a whole day to really get to know the car before i feel comfortable to join a race.
    I am however really interested in the Lotus since i bought it, such a screamer :) Wish we still had the rpm limit removed..
  6. Mustangs for me. Need to work on promotions.
  7. Yea, I hope it's on track when/if you see and not me slide across the track or me doing donuts off in the grass. I'm aiming for the Sunday 1:30EST race, come out and join me.
  8. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Youre all Lucky ones. Dind't race at all during the week yet.
    Man i dont have a drop of engery left after work..... Oke maybe its the sebatical year that has to go leave my system lolz.

    I saw this comming so i wasted the past weekend to get my MPR en SF up.
    Ready for promo on oval and road, Both A license soone \0/
  9. I am practising with the mustang tomorrow (Road America) the hole day,maybe do a race if there is one,my time is now 2.35 something,still have lots to work on
  10. Being wrecked two races in a row in Rookie is not good for my health lol.

    Now it´s back to Gran-Am instead.
  11. Star Mazda for me, maybe dallara and Late Model. I dont know why I cant drive MX5 or mustang, I really dont like those cars :p
  12. I'm the odd one out then as i really don't like the Star Mazda it drives on rails IMO and i think NetKars KS2 is far better. Got promoted last night though so can now race the V8 supercar and Grand AM series which is what i had been aiming for.

    Also really like the Mustang and much prefer it to the MX-5, It's a crazy car that is awesome to drift.
  13. yeah star mazda goes on rails with understeery setup, but when u work on setup its not really on rails ;)
    Im gonna run v8s and lotus this week.
  14. lol I think we are driving different cars or way different setups for the star mazda to be on rails...Granted it doesn't drive on ice like the skip...hehehe As of last night I have a new PB of 1:45.6 at Watkins and I swear I have to watch every turn so the backend doesn't go out from under me. It seems the really fast guys are hitting 1:44 and I heard talk of a 1:43.
  15. I think the problem with the Star Mazda is my time with NetKar that's all. IMO NetKars KS2 is a far better car and feels alot better. I'm not a big open wheeler fan anyway but NetKar sucked me in due to how good it's open wheelers are. For me this Star Mazda just does not compare to the KS2 and i'm not really a fan of the KS2.

    The skippy on the other hand is awesome fun but for me it's all about tintops really. That's where iRacing is head and heals above the competition but open wheelers NetKar has iRacing well and truly beaten IMO.
  16. Exactly how I feel. I love the Lotus as there's nothing like it in netKar, but the Star Mazda feels all wrong. It's almost arcadish compared to the F2000/FTarget/KS2. There's no sense of mass to the Mazda, and it handles horribly. netKar has ruined all other similar single seaters in any sim for me.
  17. Agreed 100% it's a great sim. Personally love the F1800 out of all of it's cars and have to say i do love the skippy in iRacing, i think they have nailed that.
  18. Maybe I should give Netcar another try. I played with the demo on 2 different occasions and didn't really take to it, but what about races does it have a big online community?
  19. It's a great sim mate with an awesome tyre model which i do miss a bit. I think that's my reason why the Star Mazda doesn't feel quite right, yeah you can feel the aero doing it's job on the Mazda but you can't feel the mechanical grip like you can with say the KS2 in NetKar. You actually do feel connected with the track if that's makes sense and i think people make the mistake of thinking the FFB feels a little different to iRacing where they are not used to having that feeling of grip because of iRacings tyre model.

    But guys that stick with it get to appreciate how good the FFB can be

    But iRacing has a tyre model update itself coming so i'm sure they will get it perfect. Regarding online compared to iRacing it's poor as is the netcode at times but Bjorn runs a NetKar race club here on RD and i have raced a few and racing has been very good.

    iRacing though is the one to have for online racing. :)

    There is a new version of NetKar due soon and it's gonna have a pricedrop so hold of until the new version.
  20. V8 this week and every week :) no faster in it than when i started but have lots of fun.... it's a SR killer though and i'm in Danger of slipping back to C if i dont get some clean races in the next two weeks.