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So... McLaren the fastest?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by taz1004, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. At least that seems to be the case for me. I tested the top 3 cars on 3 different tracks (Silverstone, Montreal, Suzuka) and McLaren consistently came out on top. About 1 second per lap faster than Redbull and Ferrari at Montreal. Ferrari and Redbull were almost equal. I mean... I tried so hard trying to catch my McLaren ghost in a Redbull but it just keeps pulling away. And I was able to beat RB and Ferrari times in McLaren even with a few mistakes.

    Is this just the case of my driving style or had anyone else done any comparison with these cars? I kinda guessed that McLaren would be the fastest since most of the hotlap times seems to be done in it but didn't realize there would be this big of a gap.
  2. I think it's got better straight line speed than the RBR, but I'm pretty sure the red bull has better mechanical and aero grip
  3. i think its track dependant, i believe RB is dominating for example melbourne while mclaren dominates canada and ferrari is no1 at brazil.
    atleast in career mode?
  4. speedo - The AI speed is a completely separate matter.

    I tried TT a few days ago in Malaysia - I had a McLaren ghost and I figured, that I'd probably beat it in a Red Bull.
    Nope... I was being left behind on the straights and no matter how I tried, I couldn't catch the McLaren (which had been driven by ME!), even in the twisty sections of the track, where Red Bulls seem to dominate this season.
  5. are you using standard set ups or ones you have created?

    i only ask as the settings for the camber and toe now affect each car differently due to different wheel bases etc, im not saying you are wrong in what you are saying as i dont know what is fastest, but it may be that you just have a setup which is suited towards the Mclaren as opposed to the Red Bull/Ferrari.

    CM did confirm this to be the case even with cars set to 'equal' so can only assume the same thing happens when cars are set to 2011 performance.
  6. That guy is right ^
  7. Exactly.
  8. I'm using custom setup but I created the setup for Redbull. And then applied it to McLaren. I used 7/7 springs for the testing. What ENDR said is exactly my experience. I just cannot catch my own McLaren ghost.

    What I was curious was if this is just me or others are experiencing the same thing. So those who say RB should be equal... you actually done the test? Drove all 3 top cars at equal setting and you find RB coming out on top?
  9. they won't be equal if you set the cars up the same, they have different wheel bases and balance and aero efficiency.
  10. And as I've said, I used Redbull setup for McLaren and McLaren was still faster so you can test it same way.
  11. That just means your Red Bull 'setup' obviously suits the Mclaren better than it does it Red Bull.
    What you are being told is correct - all equal does it level the power of the car, not the chassis, so the same setup on 1 car is NOT going to give the same result on another car.

    Just go and sort your Red Bull setup out! :D :D
  12. It's not MY Red Bull setup. I got it here. Just changed the spring. And somehow I knew someone's gonna say that too. So Redbull setup just suits McLaren better? So McLaren will run even faster with McLaren setup?

    You give way too much credit to the setup system of this game. It only has 4 settings. More/less grip, over/understeer. Difference toe and camber makes are minuscule. But if you think the setups are that important, don't use same setup. If you find that RBR is faster than McLaren on any track WITH ANY SETUPS, please let me know which track. And the setups you used for each car.
  13. 1. Who created the setup is irrelevant.
    2. Im not giving credit to the setup system, im telling you that each car chassis and aero react differently to the setup system available within the physics engine of the game.
  14. EXACTLY!!! But if most (if not all) of the RBR setups suits McLaren better on most of the tracks... wouldn't you conclude that McLaren is just faster? Or are you gonna insist that RBR setups just suits McLaren better everywhere???

    That statement right there is giving too much credit.

    You obviously are not willing to test this out and therefore, have nothing to contribute to this thread.
  15. The thing is that best set up for RB wont be the best for Ferrari and viceversa. To do the comparison you ask for, you may have in each car the best set up and also that differs from driving styles of each of us.
    So I think you canĀ“t compare them at all...
  16. I was gonna let this thread die but you guys are keep fixated on the method even after I said test it any way you want. I don't know how many times I'm saying this in this thread. I'm experiencing McLaren being faster by 0.5~1.5s than RBR and Ferrari on ANY track using ANY setup.

    I use RBR setup posted here versus McLaren setup posted here. McLaren is faster.
    I use RBR setup posted here on both cars. McLaren still faster.

    Doesn't that mean McLaren just is faster car regardless of the setup? RBR setups and McLaren setups aren't all that different to begin with by the way.

    If you experience RBR being faster than McLaren on any track, just let me know. And the setup you used for each car. This is all I've been asking which no one has delivered so far except words. And if you do find that RBR is faster than McLaren on a track using different setup, drive the McLaren again with RBR setup you used. You'll find that you simply used slow setup for McLaren.

    Regarding setups, there is no right setup for different cars. That's giving way too much credit to this game's physics. There's only fast and slow setup for ALL cars in this game.
  17. To do this test correctly we would need telemetry. and robot drivers. There's no other way to do the test really, setting up a car is based on personal preference and driving style. I've noticed the red bull understeers more than the mclaren and also feels like it has more grip in corners. I've also noticed that the mclaren can get faster than the red bull with the same wing settings on both cars. try testing at catalunya and see which car is quicker and where that car is quicker. I have a feeling that the Red Bull will be faster in turns 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, and the final corner, while the mclaren will be faster on the straights, slow corners I think will balance out.

    I'm going to take a nap right now though I'll test it later.
  18. Just go as fast as you can in McLaren. Try to catch that ghost in RedBull or Ferrari. Or run 5 or so laps and average it out. Or go by fastest lap time. I so far tested on 5 tracks and McLaren came out on top 100% of the times. Do your really need telemetry and robot drivers to tell which is faster? This ain't a rocket science.
  19. Yes, taz1004. I also tried the test cars Mclaren, Red Bull and Ferrari in Melbourne track. McLaren is faster than Red Bull and Ferrari.
    McLaren: 1:21:622
    Ferrari: 1:22:813
    Red Bull: 1:22:722
    I created the setting for McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari are equal in the same setups. I think maybe it's BUG.
  20. i havent played this game too much, but is there a way to download the fastest ghosts ever recorded for each team at every track to compare times? because that would show more accurate data as it involves the times posted by several people