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so how comes this guy leaves the track in get real and his lap gets through?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by luxtpm, Nov 12, 2014.

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  1. im talking on lap position number 3, the guy leaves the track all the time, i think this is called a troll cheater like look at me im obviously cheating


    this is not exploiting but something more serious


    going on on cheating take f1 2010

    people were blatantly cheating in the leaderboardas(50 euros thrown to the bin) but play station and computer versions of f1 2010 top times were identical

    i have the theory hacks are spread by the competence
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  2. Are U talking about someone Tim Heinemann?
  3. well since we are mentionioning names ill say probably is a game bug and he was palying on amateur and his lap got through get real

    but yeah check his lap, he leaves the track all the time in get real
  4. [​IMG] check his line and remember this is get real, not to mention his speed:
  5. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Maybe S3 need to check the leaderboards once a month or so, watch the replays and delete any that look THAT dodgy :roflmao:
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  6. yes i have a problem also trying the other free circuit because top positions are badly exploited on starting shot like a bullet

    this says the general actitude of devs towards cheating of any kind, like lets look the other way

    after all i understand their point, theres no not hacked game

    hey im still convinced ferrari virtual academy got hacked you cant get 2 seconds to real pilots who actually try hard on that sim as massas lap

    the poor guy got upset and then he provided an undrivable different setup to which he used in next year version :)
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  7. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    This will be looked at when we get on with updating the old content. The cut track rules on the early (free) content were a bit "loose", but you can see on the new content they are pretty tight.
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  8. Please, reset all the results, according to a new cut track rules. Lets see Tim Henemanns true skill :roflmao:
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  9. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    No matter the way he drove that lap he is still a fast bloke.
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  10. wow....
  11. well maybe im not explaining:

    the cut rules on get real are fine for me, if i leave the circuit i get penalized and my lap doesnt get in the list( on amateur you can cut and not get penalized)

    but this guy leaves the circuit and he is not penalized ergo he is hacking because thats get real

    it doesnt have to be very difficult for an informatic engineer to start tampering with data and do those things

    and this is not like the other free circuit where people in the top start shot like bullets, thats exploiting but what im pointing out is plane hacking

    what i dont understand its how i get to the top being legit then, is something confusing

    i mean modesty apart thats like the top of uberness fighting cheaters legit and beating them :)


    also his lap is pretty recent, he took my number one position with it and i had to retake it, so its no matter he used old rules, he used the new ones, also his top speed is uber, its ridiculuos and i think he got some prizes, btw when i drove for prizes i would rank so low, why i cant see ghost of people when prizes are involved?
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  12. A bit confused...how can that guys lap count for a time?
  13. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    because this was the first track released and it still has its original (extremely kind) cut track rules (even in getreal) it is very forgiving ... thats all ; im sure once all of the cars and tracks are fully updated the leaderboard will be put back to zero and it can start again

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  14. Ok, I understand now...a bit tired and and dense atm.

  15. if you think the cutting rules in get real are laxed try to leave the circuit half the way this guy did here:


    youll get disqualified but this guy didnt

    im not asking for this game to be rid off hacks 100% cause i dont think thats posible, all im asking is obviously faulty laps are removed

    in the other free circuit the top times should be removed as well

    i mean kudos to simbin and sector 3 im an unemployed guy who invested 700 hours in a game and spent 10 euros on it and got to be number one of a bunch of people so i suppose its still fair game

    but come on if you obviously exploit or hack plz just delete this laps from the leaderboard


    and when you say the cut rules in that circuit are kind well...

    im number one in that circuit both in get real and amateur im probably the person in the world who knows best that circuit and its cutting rules

    you can cut a very little bit in the chicane and in one of the inside part last corners(in get real) but just you can not cut as that guy did,the rest dont know it but i know for certain, this seems the look the other way i was pointing to
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  16. Hi i've heard about this thread and the accusations of cheating. I don't know why this lap was there where it was. I think the only reason because this happens is because of some updates with the cut rules like Jay said.
    I drove a new lap. I needed 5 laps of pratice so i hope that you are happy with that non-cutting lap luxtpm
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  17. Nikodem Wisniewski

    Nikodem Wisniewski
    Premium Member

    Maybe you should leave Tim alone and ask, How the hell TOP3 can reached that time :O ?
    I was on New Years trip, and I arrived today. When I saw the best newest results my face was something like that: [​IMG]

    Who can explain me how it's possbile? Maybe all results should be canceled, because it seems to be some bugs
  18. yeah i was sent to second by the new fastest time in get real in the 8500 player leaderboard

    i was pondering to fight back my first position but said to myself:

    i have 4000 laps along 3 years and i played a lot this guy has 40,000 laps

    thats one part besides you need precognitive time reaction, there are days i think a word i hear next for a thousand times, 2 seconds in advance, the ability to slow time perception, and a good 3d vision

    tim i have no proof you cheated so my apologies if i ofended you but put in my position after having wathced that lap


    something kind of annoying but you gotta swallow up its that the guy who took my first position did it by extending the circuit before incorporating in the first straight so when you start you have more speed with whcih you gain 2 or 3 tenths of seconds

    but i woulndt do that id go insane if i did that thousands of times
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  19. Few things:

    - I took a wider line in the last corner before starting the lap, without leaving the track, like the pros do sometimes.
    - My R3E profile: "http://game.raceroom.com/users/offline/statistics", where do you see 40.000 laps? It's still a lot, but that's because I'm present in almost all Leaderboards. Doing this lap took me approx. 3 hrs total. I play now for about five months.
    - Our laps @luxtpm are good :thumbsup: but not crazy good, you can see in the vid where to find a bit more time, plus I didn't work on the setup too much, hate that part of racing :D. BTW you should upload your lap and setup, maybe we all can learn something.
    - If you guys are looking for crazy unbelievable times, you should look at the Fanatec competition.

    Here's my current P1, see for yourselves:

    No hard feelings, just hope nobody thinks me a cheater.
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  20. I've done a 1:22.1 but 1:21.x's are possible.
    Luigi the times at the Fanatec Competition are so "fast" because there is a way to cut the track. Don't know how exactly but i hope that the problem will be solved by the responsible
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