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So far so good...i guess

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Boby Kim, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    I remember downloading R3E as soon as the teaser was released. I raced for about 5 minutes only to uninstall the product with a sad face: it was not the Simbin im used to with GTR EVO etc. The steering with the G27 felt like i was driving with the keyboard.

    Now the open beta. I just spent 25 euro's on tracks and cars and went for a spin on Zandvoort with the Audi R8. I have raced Zandvoort very often with GTR Evo so i have a good track knowledge.

    My personal opinion at the stage which the open beta is right now: the menu is pulling my hair out. It looks very trendy and i like the style but its a maze to me. I just cant find my way in 1 look. I wanted to set the steering angle. I had done it before so i knew the option should be somewhere...after going through the menu again...and again i finally found it.The track selection screen: why should i first choose the country...i just want to see all track layouts in 1 screen. But i know that after a while i will get used to it.

    The garage, hopefully Simbin will build in the same pit screen as in all previous Simbin titles with a race screen.
    I followed the Logitech G27 setup from the forum (thanks for that!!!) and i started my rounds at the get real level. I really had to get used to the braking. I braked way too late. Once i knew the braking points i must say: it feels good.
    I have enough feel for the car when the ass want to slip away due to my early throttle. I certainly like the off road feel. I really wants to drag you further into the mud as you keep flooring it. The oversteer recovery feels good. For me it much easier to recover than in GTR2 or EVO so i cant tell if its to lame or that GTR2 / EVO is too aggressive.
    Graphics looks good and the sound is okay, although im missing the www.gtr3.com sounds.
    I cant use TrackIR, nor can i adjust my seating position or watch a replay...the buttons are mapped but it wont work. So i dont know what is working and what is not. Would be nice to have a full list of items marked in red / orange / green were green is "working" / orange is next build / red is final release.

    What i truly do not like and i never will like is that Simbin wants money for liveries. Just cant stand it! The whole Eula just shouts "Show me the money cause there will be no modding". Simbin will never ever achieve the amount of tracks modders has created for pervious simbin titles. They want money for cars....okay, but liveries....common!!!

    So far so good. I have spent 25 euro's on the open beta and that's enough for now.
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  2. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris

    What money for liveries?! Our team is racing in a very nice homemade SSRskin at the moment: so this won't be possible no more in R3E? They'd be shooting into their own foot if that 's true...:(
  3. museumsteve


    The cost for liveries is 29vRP which is pennies..
    Also, I haven't checked since yesterday but my seat moves, I have it mapped to the right hand 4 way switch on my CSW.
  4. Jebus


    Boby Kim No TrackIR support atm, same for replays. But based on controller settings I think it's safe to say that both features are coming in future builds.

    I can move my seat with no problem. However everytime I restart the game bindings for seat adjustment seems to be set back to defaults but ingame my own bindings still works.
  5. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    I was just impatient. As in GTR EVO the seat moves per press on the button, with R3E the transition goes much smoother. It moved but i didn't notice it :rolleyes:. Just an open beta and im in love already...:)
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  6. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    My previous title was "so far so good", well, it's more like "Wow...this is amazing". Finally i have the right G27 settings which took me a while to accomplish but now it feels good. Watched V8 2012 at YT and Simbin did an amazing job on this track! I had a spin with the RUF at Bathurst, men what a beast! I managed to drive two valid laps cause i even had to be gentle with the third gear. Its such a rush to slamm down into the Skyline, oversteer braking from 5th back to 2nd hit the kerbs in the Dipper full acceleration going just as close to the wall as the V8's do.
    Conrod straight in 6th and just like the V8's take that little strip of tarmac at the left just before bending right at the chase, braking as late as possible to find out i braked a bit too late, oversteer correction, slamming the gas towards Murrays corner early steer over the inside kerbs, car bouncing up, too much steer, slamming gas, heavy oversteer, trying to correct, too late, tyres lost grip cause i want to push too hard, car spins going into slip, the track flashes by and with a breaking noise i come to a stop in the pitlane wall. Luckily this is just a PC sim....so next lap better!:thumbsup:
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  7. Frank Lehmann

    Frank Lehmann

    League racing is much more fun with self-made liveries. It would be a pity to have only default liveries (+ a few buyable skins). It would make league races a little bit "unattractive".

    Buyable skins are okay for the ones, which are not able to paint liveries or don't want to, but some kind of CustomSkin-support is really really nessessary for R3E.
  8. Terry Evers

    Terry Evers

    Took me a while to get dailed in aswell, but once you do this game really shines..
    Lucky for us there are some very smart ppl out there able to point us in the right direction :)

    Sure there are some aspects idd like to see tweaked/enhanced but SimBin is deff on to something here. Infact for me this is the best feeling game so far .. Yes GTL, GTR1/2 and the Race07 series feel great, but ive started to prefer RRRE's FFB over all of them. Cars just seem to have the right amount of wieght to them and the FFB just feels more refined overall.

    And im all for customizing skins etc but i doubt we will see support for those.

    Regardless, Go SimBin!
  9. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I must admit, I am missing the the WTCC and Mini Cooper element in the new batch of sims coming out. ie, pcars, r3e, rf2 etc. I am a regular in these club events in Race07 but fear these type of cars and events are going to fizzle out as the new batch of sims get a foothold. I'm just hoping these type of cars do eventually make their way in. I'm loving the Clio cup cars in rf2 so there is a glimmer of hope. The minis in GSC2012 are great but the lack of circuits and mods are a let down.
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