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So do we want to start a Forza4 vs GT5 comparison here?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Hiroshi Awazu, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I think we all are mature enough here to do it without a flame war. So who is first? @Moderators: if you feel this is not a good idea,please accept my apologies and delete this thread.
  2. I haven't played GT5 so can't really have an opinion although I do love Midfield Raceway and Tokyo R246.
  3. you cant compare forza and gt5 forza runs all over gt5
  4. Like Hiroshi says, he hasn't posted this thread to start a flame war, so I'll post my initial comparisons (since becoming an XBOX360 owner on 22nd Oct and Forza 4 being the first of the series I've ever driven).

    I'm a long time Playstation user (PSX, PS2 and PS3) and have played all the GT series right up to GT5. I have to say that whilst I enjoyed GT5 it wasn't quite what I was expecting, especially after 5 plus years of development. Had its pro's and con's just like any game, but for me it wasn't really the great leap I hoped for from GT4.

    Playing Forza 4 has so far been an enjoyable experience and whilst I was never a Polyphony fanboy and one to rubbish the Forza franchise, it has been nice to see things from the other side. Here's a brief overview of some areas of F4/GT5......

    To compare both titles, I would have to say the cars feel better in F4 than they do in GT5. I feel I get better feedback through the pad in F4 than I do in GT5 and can make the steering adjustments required much easier.

    I think F4 just takes in on the sound of the cars too, though there's not a vast gulf in sound difference, although the lame crash sound effect in GT5 was a let down (sounded like hitting a wheelie bin, lol).

    Car modifications I would definitely say again F4 has the edge, especially in the car painting and upgrade department.

    F4's tracks are good, and the real life replications are excellent. GT5 would take this one for me, just because of the track editor, which although is limited in it what it allows the user to create, its a track creator all the same. Polyphony also brought along some of the classic older GT fantasy tracks, but lwt me down a little as I expected GT5 to bring all the back catalogue of tracks to the table, which it didn't, so we are still missing some of the old favourites.

    Graphically, I feel there isn't oo much betwen the titles. Both have a very good photo mode, although GT5 seems to allow the user a wider variety of locale. Car recreations in both titles are excellent, though again GT5 lets itself down slightly with the 'standard' models, as they are basically ports from GT4 and not HD models, though there have been around 200 getting the 'premium' updated spit and polish.

    Interior cockpit views in bith games are again very well done, but once more Polyphony dropped the ball by not having all cars with interior cockpit view, and the standard ones that didn't have it, now have the very poor silhouette cockipt template, which doesn't inspire me at all.

    F4 has a better structured career path mode, where in GT5 you just attain the appropriate licenses and pick and choose your race series, so not exactly a structured career mode. I think F4 made a good move with how you receive gift cars for attaining level ups, where you can actually choose form a handful of cars, compared to GT5 where you are stuck with the car they award for passing a certain license.

    Both have the usual online marketplace where cars can eb bought/sold/shared, so even stevens here.

    As for online connectivity, both allow the usual lobby match-ups and group races, but I feel F4 caters more for the club element of both games. One feature I did like was that when you join a club, the game prefixes your exisiting gamertag with the club tag, whereas in GT5 you would have to create a new user profile with the appropriate club prefix, but this may be down to the PSN and not solely GT5.

    Finally, F4 wins hands down with its Rivals fetaure. Similar to EA's Autolog feature, you can happily hotlap to your hearts content whilst knowing you are also competing for positions on the leaderboard amongst friends, club memebrs and the rest of the world. Whilst Gt5 has laptime leaderboards, there is no interaction like you get with Rivals.

    If you have ended up reading all of the above, I presume by now you will have worked out that for me, F4 comes out as the winner in the comparison stakes. It has also taken top billing as the PS3 is currently unplugged and sat in a corner, licking its wounds, although Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will soon see it receiving some gaming love, lol.

    To convey my comparison opinions for both games (and yes, they are my opinions and not something everyone has to agree with or take as read) in football terms, I would give F4 the 3-1 victory.

    Foot to the floor and happy driving.

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  5. Nice little write up mate! Good job.
  6. I dont post really alot in these for the reason of the flames (for I have a really short fuse lol) but I must say here when It comes down to comparing the two gt5 has some over forza 4 But when it comes down to it forza will win But with that said it could go the other way if someone else that wrote this was alittle for gt5 lol, it just goes back to something that I dont know if we could debate this really as per say politics or religions would be the same way we would be here none stop he right, im right, he right, and so on really there both great games I play both so....... I leave it at that......on mine my side though lol I play more Forza
  7. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Wow Daz great write up! I couldn't have done it better. Unfortunately i have not played mine enough yet to give such a comprehensive comparison, plus no wheel yet. But I really really like this game.
  8. To add to what Daz said, the sounds in F4 are FAR better than in GT5...

    In F4 it's just so authentic, every cars sound as they should. When you put a straight pipe (Race Exhaust) it sounds like it has one... Tyre noise are the best of the best too...

    In GT5, engine sounds are only good on a few Japanese cars (Albeit still sounding synthetise a lot) and the rest, especially American cars, sound just awful, like some vacuum cleaner or something... A Corvette sounds like a 4 cylinder for example...

    Just my 2 cents :p
  9. I didn't write my comparison as a F4 fanboy, as I've only had the game 2 weeks, but they are my early impressions from quite a bit of playing.

    Over the years I have played every GT title released so if I was to have any bias it would definitely be towards GT. it's just my early impressions are that F4 is the better of the two. Polyphony had more than 5 years to bring us the latest in a series that defined console driving/racing but for me they fell short. Not that they released a crap game, not at all, just that after 5 years I was expecting a more polished release.
  10. /\
    Dan were in the world the that quote come from lol AND just to let you know if your woundering im not calling your post out or the game or any thing like that Im in the same boat as far as playing GT5 I have played it also since its all started to it just comes back to who ever likes what game more.........
  11. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Ok now it seems like you are making this a personal debate between you and Daz, not what i wanted to see here. As for Daz's post/posts he is not lashing out on you or anyone for that matter, so this conversation ends now please.

    I'm giving this thread one more chance, after this moderators can close or delete this thread at any time they want.
  12. Ok im sorry if that what it seemed it was quoted somthing that i didn't say and i had a laugh about it what was or were there lashing is i would like to cause i have no clue what I said about him, again sorry if things seem bad I didn't mean to start any thing if I did?
  13. Well, you sure didn't like the fact that he enjoyed Forza better... But hey, how does it matter for you anyway ? ;)
  14. I don't know. Nobody wanted to trade their PS3 for my Xbox. :/
  15. I wouldn't trade my xbox. forza owns me atm.
  16. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Did you by chance mean to say nobody wanted to trade your PS3 for their 360?:D

    On a other note have two broken PS3s so i yanked out the HDDs and i'm going to buy two enclosures for them. End result: i'll have two portable HDDs, a 320GB and a 120GB. pretty sweet!:cool:
  17. What happen to the ps3 as far as "broken" sometimes u can fix them and come out with a nice modded box for really cheap most of the time
  18. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Hi. OK my older PS3 fat, the Blu Ray is gone, don't want to fix, my recent PS3 Slim overheated and died. Honestly i have no reason to want to replace the PS's (i'm never going back to GT5) and because i hardly used my 360, it is very healthy. I don't even have GT5 anymore anyways because i turfed it for Forza 4. So i'm sticking to my plans. And with having Race 07,RFactor, GT Legends and Forza 4, really who needs a PS3 and GT5 anyways, I sure don't need it nor will i miss it! :D Plus on Tuesday i'm going to buy Modern Warfare 3 for the 360 so yeh, there you have it my good man.:) I'am considering the new PS Vista when it comes out though, that thing looks promising!
  19. Yea what he said lol ........ The only thing I hope is that they arnt hyping us up on the PS Vista for it to be a big let down cause it does look real sweet and one bad ass idea I have is being the back is touch native all the driving games like F1 for it should be able to shift using that back touch panel "as flappy paddels" sweeettt
  20. Played GT5 quite a lot but then F1 2010 came out. Played that for a bit then heard Forza 4 was coming.

    Think I'm a bit of a wh0re when it comes to racing games, I'll play any of em on any system! :tongue:

    Still, if I had to say which games are getting the most play time in the last couple of months, it would be F1 2011 and Forza 4 on the 360.