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so all the new stuff in v1.7, how to do it for modded cars?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Patrik Marek, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Hey there,

    v1.7 brought some interesting new stuff, that we could add to modded cars too,
    but becasue I don't know how to open data.acd, I can't check how did they do it, so I'm asking to create a list of things and post it here (this is meant for visual/shader/textures stuff, not physics related)

    Pit Limiter light
    I assume it will be in lights.ini or digital instruments, and it will be something like
    [pit limiter light]

    Added Flashing lights
    this one is just controler related thing, assign a button/key and it will flash front lights only
    - it does however need to be defined somewhere, because I tried on my modded cars and it doesn't work

    Daylight function on lights ?
    no idea :(

    what other stuff I'm missing ?
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  2. Gergo Panker

    Gergo Panker
    pankykapus Premium

    We have a Q/A thread on the official modding forum, you're welcome to ask there. :)

    EDIT: there's no documentation but the idea is that you ask away about any new feature you are interested in and I'll do my best to give you the script with not much delay.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
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  3. Here is what I can see in lights.ini






    I have cut out the stuff we knew from before the updates.
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  4. cool, this is something I can work with ! :)

    I will play with these and see if I can get it to work
    thank you
  5. Gergo Panker

    Gergo Panker
    pankykapus Premium

    And there goes my willingness to offer any kind of support anywhere else other than the support forums. :)
  6. Panky, thanks a lot for your offer, but I don't see why you couldn't give support here as well ?

    yes, official forums are probably better place for this kind of support, but sometimes the response is just too slow, sometiems it doesn't even happen

    and I'm also not a big fan of replies " as supported" ( which I know won't be case in this one)
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  7. Gergo Panker

    Gergo Panker
    pankykapus Premium

    Because this is a public forum to discuss the game. I come here to get my daily dose of cardiac arrest, not to repeat what I already do on the official forums.

    Official modding support is done on the official forum, where other modders can also have a look for reference. I fail to grasp why it's difficult to go there, especially when you've recently made posts anyway. There is a dedicated topic for all the new stuff in the General Modding section, I'm regularly monitoring it, it's literally one click away.
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  8. well, I wasn't asking for official support, was I ? .. since it's not ok to open data.acd

    as I said in my previous response, main reason is the speed of getting answer, which on official forums can be longer,

    thanks for your time ;) i'm not expecting you to provide same support here as you do on official forums
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  9. Gergo Panker

    Gergo Panker
    pankykapus Premium

    Well technically you need official support if you want to know about them, for the same reason you mentioned.

    The idea is that instead of making a lengthy guide, there is a Q&A thread open where you can request info on anything new you see on the new cars and want to use in your mods and I do my best to answer as soon as I can, and everyone can see it for reference.
  10. thank you :)

    problem with one big Q&A thread is that it gets really difficult to search for things :)
    perhaps the best thing to do would be updated PDF, but I know that takes a lot of time
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  11. Well I'm sorry, but after spending 4-5hours yesterday googling how to get flashing lights working I know how frustrating it can be scouring the internet for a simple light function. I wanted to help, that is all. It's not car data, and as I know you have to keep this secret, so even if I did have it, which I didn't, I would never give that out.

    And I have to agree with Patrik above, whenever I ask on the official forums I rarely get a response. I have nothing against it, as I know how ludicrously busy the team is right now, I can't expect an official answer from someone who's time is much more valuably used elsewhere bugfixing and troubleshooting.

    I hope no hard feelings? Just trying to help a fellow modder do his thing :p
  12. Gergo Panker

    Gergo Panker
    pankykapus Premium

    I know it's difficult with lack of response, that's the reason I wanted a different approach to help modders even if we simply cannot keep up with the documentation.

    Most new functions are now described and collected in the general modding section with description so everyone can check that for reference. :)
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