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Snow Schatten announces 3 days testing with new drivers for Formula Sim Racing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Yuri Bascope, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Looking forward to the 2014 Formula SimRacing season, Snow Schatten Racing Team will lead three days of practice sessions in Algarve, Jerez and Interlagos. The objective is to rate our new drivers for next season's world championship. The participants will be the Brazilian Felipe Giro and the Germans Bastian Paisler and Benjamin Roeske.

    The tests will start today (5) in the Portimão Circuit
    Check out the press conference given by the drivers before the tests:

    "My expectation for the test... well I don't know to be honest. Its a big chance for me and I hope that I can use this chance. I will do my best anyway as always. Expectation for FSR, it will be very very hard I think. I think I can be really proud of myself when I'm only part of it, the success isn't that important yet. Good results for my hopefully new team. I cant really say anything about that before the test" — Benjamin "Benny" Roeske.

    "Well, I hope to improve my driving skills to score some points in the season. But at that high level of racing it will be very hard to compete to the other teams and drivers. But the first persons I want to beat are my teammates. That's my first priority.

    About the test, before it starts, I was a bit nervous to be honest, but the after a few laps, when I got a first feeling for the car and his peculiarities I could go faster and get more risks. Of course I spon sometimes but that is the learning process. I hope to learn from my impressions I get inside the car" — Bastian "Basti" Paisler.

    "As it's going to be my first FSR season, I can't expect too much. I'm really excited about the test and looking for ward to the start of the season. I've been learning a lot with my new teammates, mainly on the selection tests. The data I got from them helped a lot in terms of driving tips and setup functions. As we are going to face an extremely high level of competition, we are going to keep together to give everyone every possible help to improve every possibility"
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  2. Session is over, Bastian Paisler finished in first position, followed by Benjamin Roeske and Felipe Giro.

    Look the time comparision:

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