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Snopy V5H Steering wheel HELP!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Pistolero01, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Hi guys. I really need your help! I just bought this steering wheel and got problems with it. I installed the driver and tried to tweak it. In first phase i had a prob. with gas pedal. I pushed it so hard but despite of that it didnt accelarate maximumly. I bought it for F1 2012 and 13 so really need your help guys. I just couldnt configure the driver settings (dedzones) and F1 ingame advanced wheel settings. Help me please guys im begging :(
  2. Where did you buy this product? Never see this wheel pedal set before. I found some videos about this wheel, it is like G25 and DFGT together, looks great. Have you tried other games? Is there website for this wheel? I found Turkish speaking sites. I did not understand. Perhaps someone Turkish sim driver can help you.
  3. Thx for your reply! Im from Turkey so bought it from some pc hardware store. Well its cheap and great wheel but couldnt get used to it's accelarate and brake pedals. The other functions work nice.