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SNL Rules and Regulations

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jordan Richardson, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Jordan Richardson

    Jordan Richardson

    General Racing Rules

    1.1 You must compete in a fair and honest manner at all times.
    1.2 You must respect the other drivers on the track and leave space for others when necessary.
    1.3 Deliberate crashing into other drivers will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in a ban.
    1.4 You must keep two wheels within the white line. Repeatedly cutting and extending will result in a punishment.
    1.5 You must use two different compounds of dry tyres over a race unless wet weather tyres are used.
    1.6 Rage quitting is not tolerated here, especially deliberately crashing out. Carry on racing.


    2.1 It is the overtaking driver's responsibility to prevent contact from happening.
    2.2 The overtaking driver has priority for a corner when his car is halfway up the inside of the defending car.
    2.3 Overtaking must be done within the track boundaries. You must give the position back if you fail to do so.
    2.4 If you accidentally hit the driver in front you must slow down and give them the position back, regardless of damage, penalties or positions lost.


    3.1 You must leave room for an overtaking driver if they are only half a car length behind.
    3.2 Dangerous actions liable to hinder others such as crowding a driver against a wall, are not permitted.
    3.3 More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Swerving to defend your position is not allowed.
    3.4 You must not slow down by a DRS detection point so the driver behind passes so you receive DRS.

    Car Contact

    4.1 Contact between drivers must be avoided at all times when possible.
    4.2 If contact does happen, even if this is caused by lag, the offending driver must wait to allow the innocent driver back through at the nearest safe place.
    4.3 If the offending driver spins, the innocent driver is free to carry on without waiting. However, if the innocent driver was partly to blame he will be penalized.
    4.3 Any contact will be investigated by the stewards if there is an appeal over the incident.

    Lapped Drivers

    5.1 Drivers about to be lapped must pull off the racing line and slow down safely at the earliest possible chance.
    5.2 Under no circumstances should back markers interfere with cars a lap ahead of them unless they are substantially quicker.

    Pit Entry and Exit

    6.1 It is mandatory to keep four wheels within the pit exit and entry lines.
    6.2 Circumstances that makes keeping four wheels within the pit exit and entry signs dangerous will allow drivers to cross said lines if it is safe to do so.

    7.1 In the event of a disconnection during qualifying, the lobby will be restarted after qualifying has finished to invite the disconnected person back. The grid will then carry on to the race to start a formation lap. Drivers MUST start the race on the tyres they qualified on.
    7.2 If you disconnect once the session has entered the pit garages for the race, the race will not be restarted for the remainder of the session.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.