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Tracks Snetterton (BTCC) 3.1

Snetterton for GSCEx

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Snetterton - Snetterton for GSCEx

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  2. Thank you Patrick for all your work and dedication to upgrade these tracks for my favorite sim and thanks to all the original authors of the tracks.

    In my opinion, tracks are what makes a racing sim. I can be happy with a handful of really good cars but a large variety of tracks is a must. I really hope you can figure out the problems with the track mesh for Oulton as that is my favorite BTCC track.

    One quick request while I have your attention.....haha. After watching the latest Empty Box video, Matt turned me on to Sachsenring which is a track I had never seen before and I am in love with this track now. The only one I found was at Xtremefactor and is v2.0 by smokey1226. Any chance this track could be in your list to work your magic on?
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  3. I can give a look. And try to contact Smokey (but I think he took the track somewhere else).
    Send me the link via a PM please ;-).
  4. Just found a better setup for the grip tweak. Will do an update asap. Perhaps thruxton will be updated too. Need some tests
  5. Snetterton 2.0 A.I break when crossing the s/f line...not really raceable with A.I
  6. They sure do.

    Is editing the AIW file the same as with any Rfactor track using AIWCameditor1255? I was watching some videos yesterday about creating aiw paths and was about to make an Rfactor install just for editing track aiw's.
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  7. Yes, aware about that. If someone can fix this I would be happy because I dont know anything about AI setup.
  8. I adjusted the path and fixed the problem with the AI braking at the start/finish line. Just change extension from ini to aiw.

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  9. The new AIW by David works fine. Thank´s a lot.;)
  10. Great. I will update the track and add this soon. Thanks a lot
  11. You're welcome. Glad to help out
  12. thank you ... but how do you change extension from ini to aiw.
  13. Left click of the file one time and this will highlight Snetterton_BTCC11 in blue, now click one more time to right of the letter I to put the cursor to the right of ini and now hit backspace to delete ini and then type aiw in it's place. The name of the file should be Snetterton_BTCC11.aiw

    When I uploaded the file, this forum would not let me upload with the aiw extension.
  14. When I highlight snetterton _BTCC11 in blue then click it again to the right it will not show me the extension ini to delete...the cursor only goes as far as the 1(btcc11*
  15. Sounds like you need to enable file extensions in your operating system. What is your operating system? Windows XP, 7 or 8?

    If Win 7, go to Start/Control Panel/Folder Options. Next click on the View tab and then uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types" and click "apply to all folders".
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  16. Yes win 7 thank you very much now I can race one of my fav tracks.
    ur the man .. maybe you can have a look at Adelaide 90 ,92,94 aiw any one would be fine.
    the a.i are quite slow in the last right hander before they hit the back straight .their good everywhere
    except that spot.I would appreciate it very much as well. thank you for your help today
  17. maxspeed3,

    I optimized the path of that last right before the back straight and got it as good as I could. The AI no longer slows me down in that corner and the rest seemed fine. It took right at 1.7 seconds off the AI's qualifying times. Again change ini to aiw.

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  18. Do you use a specific software to fix AI behavior?

    I have updated the grip of the track and added your file. Update will come today ;-)
  19. Yes. I use an AI editor made by Guitarmaen called rF_AIW_CAM_405. You basically use Bézier curves to to reshape the spline between 2 waypoints. The spline is what the ai follows and if the spline has a kink in it or is too close to a wall or curb, the ai will hit the brakes and swerve or just slow down in the wrong places. It's a pain to do because it's a lot of trial and error of running laps with the ai after each adjustment to the spline.
  20. Thank you ;-)