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Tracks Snetterton (2 layouts, 2 seasons) 1.01

Snetterton for AMS

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Snetterton (2 layouts, 2 seasons) - Snetterton for AMS

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  2. PieterN


    Just got back from a Caterham 360R race against the AI. Nice textures, great camera-angles and good racing from the AI. The info for the "200" track seems a bit off on the loading screen.

    Length = 4.779 km / 2.99 mi

    Whilst on Wiki i found:

    Snetterton 200 Circuit
    2.00 mi (3.22 km)
    Turns 8
  3. Thanks peter. Yes, probably a wrong copy/past somewhere. Will correct in a futur update if we do one
  4. Thanks for another track :D Just one thing I saw the minimap of 200 layout in menu has weird background ;)
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  5. Ok, will see with denis
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  6. One more less, top quality. Thank you very much Patrick and others guys. The dream team independent modders.
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  7. Jempy


    Thanks again for your work Sir Patrick ;) and whole team. :thumbsup:
    Not tried yet ... but I'm sure it'll be a top quality.

    NB: Surely corrections or additions will quickly follow as usual, :thumbsup:
  8. tpw


    Absolutely outstanding work from Team Giranthon. A great fun track to throw a Caterham around, and presented at Reiza native standard. Thanks guys!
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  9. More good stuff from Patrick Giranthon! It feels like an extra free bonus to get the 200 and 300 layouts. Snetterton is not a spectacular track but its tight corners will produce neck-and-neck races. Body panels will get dented...

    Merci, Patrick and his colleagues.
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  10. Beautiful, as expected. Many thanks, my friend :)

    Regarding AI I'm not sure but looks like AI might be slowing on start/finish line as shown here (silver car is AI ; I am in blue car):

  11. Also this may be normal but I passed 6-7 cars at once before first hairpin:

  12. I let Greg reply here. About the hairpin, I don't know if things can be better honestly
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  13. The AI is always going to be easy to pass when they're bunched up on the first lap. The most important thing to do to minimize this is to ensure you're qualifying and not skipping to the end of the session except through time acceleration. If the cars are in the right order, that is to say there aren't podium finishers stuck behind backmarkers, then they're going to be faster even when bunched up.
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  14. PieterN



    Like the scary tree Patrick ! Nice detail
  15. Lasercutter did it ;)
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  16. Gringo


    Follow this link to find an unsupported option for the Snetterton 300 layout that expands the grid, garage, pit stalls for 20 teams and 40 cars. Parking in the paddock area on the pit entry side for cars not in the garage has working AI.

    Mod edit: Posting links to external download sources is not permitted.
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  17. Gringo


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  18. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Just get Patrick to update the resource, no? You two seem to work quite closely together, why circumvent our resource manager with mediafire links when the actual mod cold be updated with your addition? :)
  19. Gringo


    Quick changes requested for a league race.
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  20. NicuTapa


    I have strange problem with this track in multiplayer. Always the race his start with rooling for 3 sec and after all cars collide between them. Whatever start i choose (roling, standing, formation) the race begin allways in this way.