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Tracks Snaefell Mountain Course 0.1

Also known as the Isle of Man TT Circuit (alpha)

  1. LesMacNeil submitted a new resource:

    Snaefell Mountain Course - Also known as the Isle of Man TT Circuit (alpha)

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  2. this is what the layout is like, yours doesn't even start at the right bit
  3. the versrion out ther you can download is closer
  4. Car jittering is due to the further away from map center you go the more the cars shake, and its indeed a physics thing, and it is why Kunos recommend to not make a track too big. If its a little shaky it wont impact driving. I think The Nords (or a little bigger) is about the max size before it starts to shake (very slightly, but still) and then it shakes more and more the bigger you go.
  5. Manxi3

    Premium Member

    I'll certainly help in any way I can Les
  6. Thanks mate! If you know the roads well, you could help me a lot just by pointing out where the elevations are way out
  7. Manxi3

    Premium Member

    In the handful of laps I've done so far I've only noticed a few places that need tweaking - bottom of Barregarrow, Quarry Bends and Cruickshank's/May Hill. I've attached some pics that may help. There's a good video of Mark Higgins at this year's TT in the Subaru - it offers a better perspective than the on-board shots from the bikes.
    Bottom of Barregarrow

    First part of Quarry Bends - it's quite flat all the way through the bends

    Looking back to Parliament Square, Ramsey. The road is flat up to the end of the houses on the left.

    Cruickshank's Corner leading to May Hill.
    It may prove beneficial to have a look at Google street view. If I could go around and take some pics I would, unfortunately I've not lived on the Island for a couple of years (but it's still 'home' lol).
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