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Skins Smirnoff Force India 1.0

Smirnoff vodka sponsor

  1. very good:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  2. fitti


    Does not work with mod from Luna. :sleep:
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  3. hello, nice skin!!!!!! but does not work. Luna mod i use. the textures are all confused and i don't understand why:thumbsdown:
  4. Because this car is not compatible with that mod, simple as that
    The Force India of the 2014 mod is based on the mclaren chassic while this one is not
    This is based on the force india chassic
    Jesus. Just use this car with the unmodded original game .
    I wonder why is it so hard to understand that if you can't see any text in the mod's description which state that it can be used with Luna's mod as well then it's quite obvious that it wouldn't work with it.
    Solution to your problem if you want to use this car with Luna's mod :
    Replace the fc2 folder in cars folder with the original fc2 folder
    Then copy/paste this mod and then only copy the balanced and the tracks folder from Luna's mod and paste these into the fc2 folder.