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Smartphone Setup App

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dean Thomas, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been working on an app for Android, so you can view setup's submitted by folk, from the comfort of your sofa. Not everyone (myself included) has their PC near their TV. So it's a nice way to see setups, without have to print stuff off, write it out, or generally move.

    I've attached a screenshot, i just have a question, is this actually something the community would use?

    Would it be good to submit your setups via the app, for everyone to see?

    Please let me know, if so, i'm hoping to release it in the next day or two. (I'm using Setups posted on this forum, with full credit to the authors)


    Well, here it is. Very early version. Use your smartphone (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc)


    I've only got Bahrain, Australia, Malaysia, China & Spain setup. I'm going to get the Submit your own setup built, then let the community take care of the rest.

    Feedback is welcome :) Good or bad.

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  2. Thiswould be cool. Can you make the speed in MPH. Not everyone uses KPH . I hate having to convert the numbers .
  3. Iphone app would be cooler .....lol.

    Great idea though, and maybe a start of something more.

    I have been working with a few coders, and we are discussing how to incorporate Apps into games.

  4. I would totally use it for my Xperia!! Go On, please notify us when it's done!
  5. me too for sure
  6. Nice idea. =)

    And I probably would use it even though I play on the PC, it would save me some tabbing!
  7. Great, I'll try and release it tomorrow.

    iPhone app will have to wait i'm afraid, i refuse to pay Apple $99, to develop free software.
  8. Would definatly use this app on my Android Pulse. Looking forward to the setup tips on my phone.
  9. I would use it. It would save me from having to turn on my computer all the time.
  10. am In for the iphone!
  11. Yep, this would definitely come in handy.
  12. i am in on the android app, have the same problems as you. No need to move, if you can get setup from the phone :)
  13. Such an app would be great. I'd like to see a german translation, i could help you if you want.
  14. is it allready released? or are you going to give a notification when up?
  15. Hi guys,

    Really pleased about the interest.

    Going to release it tonight (fingers crossed)... have a surprise in stock for the iPhone lovers, it'll be multi-platform. :)
  16. providing it can display both MPH and KPH, i can alot of people using it. I am personally of all the scaps of paper that are scattered around with setups scrawled on!
  17. please note if you have released and give link i think a lot of Android Users want it, i´ll too xD
  18. Dean, where's the App?. Come on don't leave us all hangin, give us an early xmas present.
  19. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

  20. Of course it's a free app! It's actually a mobile website, thus catering for the iPhone population.

    Really sorry guys, i've been struggling to work on it, terrible weather has really cocked up my week. Hoping to release at least something tonight.