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Small City 2009

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by luthobu, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. As a new start, a new year, a new official forum, a new just about everything, well, here is the new Small City - aka Small City 2009! It has taken some time, but it was worth it. Thanks to everyone for contributions, for help, for suggestions and comments. It is a Racer and RSC project and I take no credit for it (other than for enhancing and modernizing it). Congrats to all on everything new!

    Two things though.. I did not recreate the splines (route) because I could not make up my mind for a new route. If someone feels like it, please make an alternate route.

    Also, I was unable to add more cameras. Tracked was acting up on me, and there was no way it would do what I wanted it to do. So if anyone wants to add track cameras, please do.

    Otherwise, drive fast, drive safe, and enjoy yourself! :D
    Download is made available here: http://alge.anart.no/projects/racer/

    PS: IT IS NON-CG - so everyone can use it.
  2. Excellent. Huge improvement on the last beta version I have.

    No Qlog errors!

    Which track is this house borrowed from?

  3. Great, I'll test that as soon as I can !
  4. Thanks, glad you like it. The house is from the same track, I have tried to reuse the houses as much as possible, all I have done is use different textures. So this house is the same as you see other places (blu_truth I think?)
    PS: What beta?
  5. Hmm, there's a track with a house similar to that, and I can't remember what it was.

    I'm using 088.1

    Another screenshot, getting around my weird JPG problem by saving in PNG.

  6. Nice screenshot! :) And, I have only use models with permission (mostly tahustvedt and some freeware) - other than that, all I have done is to reuse the track models, reshape them or make my own from scratch.. it all has to be perfect - and legal ;) And I used Racer 088.1 for the last touches, so yes, it is based on the settings as they are in the last Racer beta.
  7. Another post, another picture.

    If I crash into this fence, it freezes the simulation, obliterates the frame rate, and makes those green numbers at the bottom go all wrong.


    Same thing happens when driving into things at the bottom of that massive pyramid building.
  8. Amazing work! Here the city is too dark? How to change this?
  9. Got the same problem as FiftyOrange, then when I escaped and got into Racer menu it was all wierd colors!!
    Also a FPS killer!
    Other than that it looks like a great track! Great work indeed!
  10. 2o6


    Beautiful track. Really like the way you've modernized it.

    I wonder if it'd be possible to connect this and polish roads together.
  11. great track only problem is its too dark, was easy enough for me to correct, I just typed in time 1300, then it looked fine. Other than that cool track, tried to explore everything out, but I think I've still missed some areas lol.
  12. Strange.. I'll look into it asap. See reply to gizmopower too..
  13. Take a look at special.ini, line 4. Simply change the time :)

    @harey: same thing applies to you. Glad you like it too!
  14. Thanks. I have had the same problem, but I thought it was a Racer bug -since it happened randomly and only with certain cars. I'll take a new look at it. Even the FPS problem. It was alot worse before, but I have optimized alot, both models and textures - might need to optimize even more thougn.. other than that, really glad you like it! :)
  15. after maybe too much driving around I spotted a problem, and its kind of large, I tried to drive onto the lot of the new car dealership (the one you can drive inside) and upon attempting to enter the lot I was greeted with rejection, so I tried a straight on approach to which I flew up in the air, went through some non-existent bumpy terrain, and then sunk into the quicksand pavement.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I have fixed the problem with the fences at the farm area. Please download small_city_2009_bugfix1.7z from Alge (http://alge.anart.no/projects/racer/). This bugfix has been applied to small_city_2009-06.01.2010.7z which obsoletes small_city_2009-05.01.2010.7z.

    I was unable to reproduce the other problems. Both the pyramid area and the car dealer area seem ok on my track. See image: http://alge.anart.no/projects/racer/screenshots/dealership_ok.jpg

    For some reason i suspect that some of the bugs are caused by either Racer or by certain cars. With AMGfan's newly released 1972 Camaro Z28 I get problems on several tracks, all including the same wierd color problem. So it cannot be a Small_City bug.. I imagine the same might apply to the cardealer problem. But I'll try out several cars and see if any problems occur.

    Other than that, sounds like you really are enjoying the track! Thank you, it is the best feedback one can get, i.e. excessive usage ;)

    EDIT: The wierd color problem mentioned here must be a Racer bug. I just had the same problem when loading the -68 Barracuda with Adrianville.
  17. Hi! Great track, I like to spent some time discovering someone else virtual worlds. :)

    About the dealer bug, I think it's due to the surface settings in special.ini, two surfaces are concerned : floor and ground. Here's the code I've changed :
    Hope it helps!!
  18. Thanks :)

    Thanks again, it certainly dosen't do any harm, so I added it to the release. Have no idea why I set it to kerb.. maybe because of the sound.. heh..
  19. Nice, really improved on the original :)

    A couple of things, you can turn off compression for textures like the sky (compression=0 before the first layer), this makes some textures look a lot nicer - skies suffer badly from compression for some reason. also, the reflective parts of some of the buildings are a bit strange to me, it could be because I'm running 088 in HDR but they're one of the few things that look odd to me.

    Any plans to CG it? CG is really the way to go in the future, fair enough if you want to keep a version compatible with older hardware but technology moves on and we are in 2010 now :). This track would look really great with CG shaders and some proper sky fog.
  20. Mixing CG and non-CG content can also cause visual problems, when I was running AI cars without CG and player car/track with CG, the AI would sometimes not even load the right body.dof, and all of them had terrible shading.

    I haven't had a chance to try it yet, I've got no internet connection at home so I have to download everything at work :p