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Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Mingus, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Hey, I started making the new mercedes sls amg. I did some body work and exported it to racer. It's just the beginning of the project, but I'm wondering if someone could make a good .ini for the car. Since it takes a long time to do that I ask it now and so it could be released one day... I'm not so good in making the physics right (and I find it not so interesting either, so....:wink:)

    This is what I have so far...

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  2. Nice model Mingus :D
  3. This is my fav mercedes nowaday!! The best one!

    btw, i can help you in whatever you want.

    pm me your msn adress.
  4. Niiiice!
  5. If you're modelling in max make sure you use reset x-form before exporting. Seems you have some normal issues in-game. Resetting the x-form prior to exporting should fix that...
    Looking pretty good though, will watch the progress of this.
  6. Nope, I do it in blender. There was a little problem with the texturing, but it's solved now. It's been to long so that I forgot how to do it:) Thanks anyway.

    btw can you export to dof in 3dmax directly?

    Little bit progress: nose, exhausts, and side things.
  7. proof...

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  8. now it has gauges

  9. Nice! Keep it up ;)
  10. Adding details in the headlights...

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  11. wow, gonna check it later
  12. They look really nice! And 360km/h? heh... what engine did mingus put in this??
    Wiki states a "M 159 V8-engine", with a max torque 7200 rpm... but 360?? whoa..
  13. Mingus hasn't put an engine in it yet:D It's still the engine from amgfan's booster. He will be doing the engine though.
    The gauges are correct. It has indeed a V8 and the max speed is about 317km/h I guess, but 360km/h is in case you go downhill:p

  14. @mingus: thanks for the info! and for the image link.. :)

  15. that look Awesome this is going to be an Amazing car PLEASE PLEASE do a non cg version and i wish we had a non cg version of the sl 65 amg
  16. Buy a new computer or a new graphic card

  17. well its new computer or food id rather live than have a new computer if ya dont mind
  18. Before someone dies... It's gonna be a non-cg version since I don't have a good graphic card either. for me its a new Mac or my studies, so....:)

  19. :doublethumb::pcbeat::pcbeat: my pc hates me even with some of the Basic noncg stuff XD but im glad someone agree about life priorities
  20. we are together, after we finish this car, i will ask raphael buttman to help us with cg version.