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Slowing on track in mutiplayer?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Mick Martin, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Is anyone else getting this same problem, it is fine whilst in single player mode, but when i get on track in mutiplayer all the sound is ok but the screen slows. Very strange!! Im at a loss to what it could be.
  2. Try turning HDR off and maybe a few of the graphics options down a bit.
    Don't know how powerfull your system is? A bit more information might get you the answer you are looking for.
  3. i have the exact same problem, also i just see the other cars for about 10 seconds, then they all dissaper. And I constantly have thetext "syncroniseing" displayed at the bottom left...
  4. Do you guys have a T500 RS wheel?
  5. Its not a stutter its a slow down. Only seems to happen for me if loads of people are joining and leaving server at the same time, maybe its a temp car loading issue or something??
  6. Or it has to do with the know server troubles atm. :)
  7. Yeah, I just tried to get in the RD server, my FPS was fine but it was going slo-motion...
  8. They are working also on the server today. You see a message when you open the Launcher.