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Slower in Cockpit view (compared to above helmet view, or other)?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joakim Quensel, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. I started playing f1 2010 with the "above helmet view", but after a while I changed to cockpit view because it adds so much realism. But I discovered that with cockpit view, I have problems matching my old laptimes. But I still stick to the cockpit view because after starting using it, I feel that this is really how this game should be played. A lot more turns become "blind", and when you hit apex perfectly in those turns, its really a nice feeling!

    I would say I´m in average 1-2 seconds slower using the cockpit view. No assists (including green line) in both view modes.

    If you have played both modes, what is your experience? How much slower (if at all) do you drive with cockpit view? Maybe the gap decreases the more you play (I have played an average total 2-3 hours per track)?

    EDIT: And another question: I think that any other view than cockpit should be seen as an Assist, and for example a lap time at the leaderboard showiong "No Assist", cockpit view should be mandatory. What is you opinion on this?
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    T-cam tends to be more accurate and consistant, but like you I play cockpit all the time, although its just down to practice and trusting where you car is on the track, I dont think for instance on Montreal im quicker in T-cam than in cockpit as ive practiced so much there in the cockpit it all come natural.
  3. I found the opposite actually. Always used Tcam but really wanted to be in cockpit for realism but never liked the angle and driving felt a lot like guesswork.
    I have tweaked a couple mods, to raise the cockpit view just a touch, and also add a soft 'look to apex' actionmap - now I am far quicker than my Tcam days.
    Im sure purists would moan, well, let them - i need all the help I can get :p

  4. I recently tried out Tcam for the first time - played in cockpit view from the very start- and within a few laps I shaved half a second of my PB in Monaco.

    Never gave it much thought before but Tcam really does give you a big advantage. On some tracks more than others. Blind corners are no longer blind when racing with Tcam, and you can judge apexes and corner exits much more easily.

    Nonetheless i'm sticking with cockpit view, immersion is a great deal of the fun for me and you get the best experience in the cockpit imo.
  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I'm in the cockpit brigade too.... Started off using t-cam when I was learning but just felt the added realism of the cockpit was needed. I actually think I am quicker in the cockpit as well.... One thing I will say though is that I had my first go at online racing today and twice found myself in the Mercedes where I found the cockpit view horrible, the nose just seemed way too high and I had to switch to the t-cam to have any chance. Anyone else find this with the Mercedes?
  6. Cockpit view for me. I would be happy for all the other views to be turned off in expert mode. I don't care if I would be faster in T-cam as I will never use it.

    Trackir works fantastically giving you the ability to move your head a little which helps with the corners and mirrors a little. Really feels like being there.
  7. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I don't think they should be turned off by default in any particular mode. Console users do not have the benefits of the cockpit modifications that PC users have and are therefore disadvantaged in that respect.
  8. i want to start using the cocky but i stuggle with peering over the front, what mods have no effect in multiplayer as i have finally managed to stay online with drop outs.
  9. the cockpit camera mods work just fine in multiplayer for me. It's only ai mods and grip mods that make you unable to race online afaik.

    I also think that expert mode should have only cockpit view available. Peter does raise a valid concern when it comes to console users being stuck with the default views, but that's a concern that can be fixed if CM payed more attention to those important aspects when developing their game - let's hope they learned their lesson for '11 ;)
  10. Just installed Andys Perfect cockpit mod,,,,,,WOW fantastic view, and just like the real thing ( have sat in a 2010 Mec Maclaren at Singapore last year, was a replica )

    Im much faster with it about 2 seconds
  11. All these PC-mods you are talking about (I play PS3), modifying viewing angles etc., does it also mean you could make a modification that would support 3 screens?
  12. well i used to run 3 screens until the new patch, now im gonna have to get a eyefinity gcard, so im gonna sell my 2x4890 hd's

    But no ps3 i dont think you can mod, PC much better anyway
  13. Cool!
    Is it really three different viewing angles so you get like a real panorama view. Or is it just like one super-wide view at a straight forward angle?

    You have not seen my PC :frown: I would not like to play F1 2010 on this crap...

  14. Yeh with 3 screens you can see the side of the car much better, and in the cockpit its s much better. well im selling a few bit from my old pc, cpu 775 chip 9450 intel quad, 4 gig 1066 oxc sli ram,2 x 4890 hd cards and a 8800gts OC ( was in the wifes )

    so yeh the views are better
  15. I wouldnt give up 2x4890s to get a single DX11/eyefinity card just yet (unless you are buying 2x 6970s or at least 2x 5870s) or you will get a performance hit. 6970s will soon drop down in price, and once they hit the sweet spot (bang for buck wise) I will make a purchase. Despite the fact I have 2 spare monitors sitting there literally begging me to upgrade, I will stand my ground and hold onto the 2x4870s for now.
  16. I play the game on PS3, and after looking at all the mods in PC, hopefully I make the move for the 2011 game. I mostly use t-cam since it gives me a good view. The cockpit view IMO gives an awesome view but I have to learn the track in t-cam first, then work at it in cockpit. What I want to find out is if anyone else noticed that you can brake later in cockpit than in t-cam, or maybe it's just me.
  17. I find it easier to get my exact breaking points in cockpit view. And in some turns, it is easier aming at the apex as well. But all in all cockpit is more dificult, timing the turn in as well as exiting.

    EDIT: But since I just recently discovered the "engine mapping bug" (see other post) I am not really sure anymore if I am that much slower in cockpit mode. It could be that on my previous old runs, I was running engine = "fast" and later when I started using cockpit view It was set to "standard" because of the bug. At Monza when I realized this I could straight away match my old laptime.
  18. I've been trying cockpit view and I'm staying with it. I'm able to get right on the white line and turn better more consistently. It also looks cool.