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Slower in better car?..

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Martin Larsen, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hi, Im strugling now in Q1 in Melbourne season 2. I raced for Williams in season 1 and got 7th in the Qualify and 3th in the race if I remeber right, on Legand AI

    But now in Melbourne season 2 im in Lotus. Kimi is leading Q1 right now, while Im in P16 with 6-7minutes left. And I can't drive faster, my time now is only 1.28.8 witch is pretty much slower than what I could do in Williams. But Kimi is leading so its apprantly not the car that is bad, so I have tried 4-5 setups. And this one feels good, got 4th in practice with 1.26 something. But I was never close to that time apart form the one time.

    So what can be the reason too this?... I thought about getting to know the car, maybe I dont fit this car but I dont know, so anyone got an ide? :p

    So now Qualify is over, Kimi got 4th and I got 18th.. I really dont get it what I'm doing wrong in this car... Drove 20-30laps in practice, 7laps in Q1 still 1.26.something is the best from one lap in practice, not ben anywere near that afterwords. Got 1.27.7 or something in Q1.
  2. Lotus is slow. Here's a laptime list I made a few months ago:

    1. McLaren-1.13.868
    2. RedBull-1.14.340
    3. Ferrari-1.14.429
    4. Sauber-1.14.882
    5. Williams-1.15.103
    6. Mercedes-1.15.230
    7. Lotus-1.15.654
    8. Force india-1.15.741
    9. Toro Rosso-1.16.440
    10. Caterham-1.16.867
    11. Marussia-1.17.814
    12. HRT-1.18.680

  3. But they cant be that slow in season 2 when Kimi won practice and 4th in Qualify and Race(he could have 2nd in race but lost frontving on last lap)
  4. All the AI drivers drive the same car, same setup & etc. They're just programmed to drive slower/faster. All of the AI cars are ~the speed of the McLaren.
  5. Really, the AI have more equal cars than we do? :O_o: . That sucks.

  6. Soo... if I take Hamilton to HRT than he can still win races?...
  7. No, they just use online's equal cars.

    No, because in the game HRT is set to be slow.

    The teams are devided into Tiers:
    Tier 1 - top teams
    Tier 2 - merc/lotus
    Tier 3 - mid field
    Tier 4 - backmarkers

    so the backmarker teams are very slow. If you put HRT into Tier 1 tho, HRTs will be fighting for wins.

  8. The lotus feels that bad yes. But I opened the database file in Ryder database editor. And Lotus is tier 2 and in virtual_performance the 4th best team, only 0.05 behind Ferrari. But I dont even know how inportent virtual_performance is since im deffenty not good att stuff like that. But that is how good I expected the Lotus to be and thought virtual_performace is how fast/good...

    Edit: And williams is Tier 3 and 4 places behind Lotus in Virtual_performance but that car felt ALOT better and was faster, so I am confused about tier and virtual_performance...

  9. Well, that is for the AI. They just have to match real life performance.

    As for the car's feel. It's really strange. In the CTF files, the Lotus is made fast. It's faster than mid field and it's slower than top cars. But it's made faster than Sauber for example. But the Sauber feels a LOT better and it is a LOT faster. And yea.. Dunno why..
  10. I have no chance to match my Williams lap times in Lotus... Qualify so far this season: Melbourne 18, Malaysia 17, China 18 the car just feels so bad... feels like HRT only with KERS...

    Edit: So tired of looking att kimi flying while im in the HRT with lotus colours and kers so just downloading 2013 db, change the DB so I can start in the team I want and start new career.....
  11. I don't really have a good answer, but I do know that setups that work in one car don't work in some others. So if you modified the setup to match the Williams, then it might not work. Other than that, maybe the characteristics of the Lotus just don't suit you.
  12. As I have said, I have tried every setups possible soon, quicksetups ting from engineer menu, self created lotus setup, williams setup, williams modified setup and alot of lotus setups from web like racedepartment but no matter what I choose the lotus feels just like the HRT.. Like the corner in China dont remember number but the fast left in the start of sector 2. In williams I didnt even lift off inn Qualify, but in Lotus(in EVERY SINGEL setups I have tried) I have to lift off but still dont get a good line...
  13. That happens I suppose. Some cars are better at some things than others. I noticed that the Williams was very nimble during a few races, I could almost drive it around the fast bends like the Red Bull. It might just be a faster car for you. Ride it out this year and move on.