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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Eckhart von Glan, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. hi, another technical problem:

    I have re-activated my rFactor lite for the new Enduro-Mod, did a clean install, put in the mod and some tracks, everything's fine.

    Joining my first online race in the mod yesternight here at RD I got a huge slowmo effect something like 5-10 mins into the race. We're talking about one frame every 30secs. I had to quit.
    My team pointed me at the "racing in the dark" changes in the player file, so I dutifully did that.
    Put up a test race with 25 AI and time accelaration x25 as was the case last night.

    Same problem.

    lowered the graphics.

    Same problem.

    Turned off the replay.

    Same problem.

    Bit at a loss now. When I first installed rFactor 12 months or so ago, it worked like a charm, both offline and online.

    Now this.

    Any ideas?

    Must say that I had to install a new mainboard in the meantime, but it's the same build as the old one I used a year ago.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Do you experience this only in rF or also in other games Eckhart?
  3. well, haven't played anything else with the new mainboard, will try over the next days
  4. A brand new same make mobo or an old one?
    Anyhow I would check the BIOS to start with.
  5. You mean the board is the same model or are you using the same installation of windows?

    If it is the same installation of Windows... hmmmm.... I would fear that some driver are slowing you down and I would go for a clean install (maybe a test installation on a separate partition?).

    Same mobo model.... then I would check, as Krister indicated, the BIOS. Maybe the mode for your PCIe slot in which you have th graphic adapter is wrong.
  6. sounds very helpful, I am way to stupid to understand what you mean :) I am technically an analphabet (ask Krister, most of his graying hair is from my noobie-techno-questions on our home forum ...)

    will do a fresh windows install at the end of the week. will this sort the BIOS (I doubt it ...)?
  7. brand new (was difficult to get, 4.5 years old)
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