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SLI-M shiftpoints configuration

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mr Pibb, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Mr Pibb

    Mr Pibb


    I'm trying to configure F1 2012 shiftlights in SLIMax Manager 64bit for my SLI-M (not PRO but M)

    I have read the instructions on EKSimracing, which I might add is the most hopeless website I've ever come across. I can't even find the forums on that website. All I found was nothing but ambiguous instructions - and no support offered anymore. Everything just loops back to the FAQs - which are confusing and useless, and that comes back to same ambiguous instructions.

    They say to set gears to auto, go to track, press osp tracking button, accelerate through the gears to top gear, then brake and press osp tracking button again.

    What the **** is the osp tracking button? OK, it says look in the cfg to see which button it is. What *** cfg file? All the cfg files I've looked into have nothing about osp. And there's lots of them.

    Even assuming I knew what the osp button was, I do the test - accelerate to top gear and brake then press osp button again. OK - brake it says, brake until when? I've hit first gear again?, just tap the brakes? or just throttle off or what? It's ambiguous. At least they spelt "brake" right, but other than that these instructions are hopeless.

    The worse part is I've been through all this before years ago, and managed to find the answer - but don't remember how. Now I've just got a new HDD and need to reconfigure it. Copying old files seems to get me nowhere.

    Can anyone help? Anyone know how to configure correct shiftpoints for F1 2012 with SLI-M on SLIMax?
  2. Gary Jibb

    Gary Jibb

    Go to the "controls mapping" screen:
    The fifth section down "OSPTRACKINGCTRL", set a button (that is connected to the SLI-M itself)
    In the game press said button, go through all gears (i hit the limiter in each gear). Once at the top gear full brake and downshift through the gears. While your downshifting through the gears, you should see a little dot directly beside the gear number on the SLI-M.
    Once completely stopped press the osptrackingctrl button that you set to disable the tracking (it only needs to be done once per car depending on mod or whatnot).
    Your good after that, everything is set. Mind you, I think the ratio sucks for a bunch of the cars.
    If you don't understand what is written just ask. I only have experience with rFactor, I expect the setting is the same (hopefully).
  3. Mr Pibb

    Mr Pibb

    Gary, thanks for that - it worked beautifully. :)