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SLI issue

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by David Bertholom, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Hello,
    In this screenshot, look at fps and load cards. (CPU1: 89% CPU2: 88% FPS: 60)
    (The 89 and 88 are due to v-sync, it's normal. If no v-sync 98% / 97% / 70fps)


    On the second, a few meters away ... : (CPU1: 54% CPU2: 52% FPS: 32)

    What suprprise me is that the load decreases and the fps too ! It's look like I have just one card !
    Disabling SLI, so with one card, less fps (29 fps), but fps rate that does not move, is constant, and the graphics card load more stable. (with identical settings).

    (Screens were taken on the spot while driving.)

    What do you think?
    2 friends of me with SLI have exactly the same issues ! Many times in a lap.
    In hotlapping, alone, no problem.

    I thank you very much.

    I5 3570k | MSI Z77-GD55 | SLI GTX670 Gigabyte windforce 3 | 8 Go Corsair | G27 + CSP v2 pedals | Win 8.1 Pro | Full HD 1080p screen
  2. stadlereric

    Premium Member

    I have also had issues with sli and still haven't found the sweet spot yet. I assume you are running at 1920X1080 but what are the other graphic settings you are using? I found a good guide in these forums that helped my performance a lot.


    I am using a very similar setup to yours. The biggest thing surprisingly was turning down anisotropic filtering to 2 or off. It didn't hinder visuals all that much. idk know why helps either , because I haven't used anything other than 16 in years.

    I know this doesn't answer your question but following the posts especially the third one from the top really made the game more enjoyable for me.
  3. I thank you for your reply.
    I think the game isn't very good sli optimized.
    I have posted this thread on the official forum.
    We are not the only one to have this problem.
    Your "solution" is ok, but, maybe, Kunos will analyse what it is runnig bad ?
    PS. And sorry for my poor english !
  4. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium Member

    Remember Assetto Corsa isn't at 1.0 yet, so hopefully it'll be fixed by the time the game is released. :D
  5. SLI works pretty well in AC, but there's a bug in the graphics menu shadows setting, If you choose high shadows instead of max shadows, SLI stops working properly. I'm not sure if this is your issue or not, but its the only real SLI issue that I'm aware of in AC.