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Sleeping (and: is there a REAL manual?)

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by J van E, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. I had a look at the 'manual'... it's very thin and says NOTHING about for instance how and when you have to sleep...! Do you get a message when you are tired? And what then? And what about refueling? Or do all those things get explained as soon as it's appropriate? I see various icons on the map that haven't been explained yet and the manual says nothing about it all...
  2. Its easy my friend, every time you need rest you will get a message to the GPS. And then you have to stop at the bed icons turn the engine off and take a sleep ;).
    About refueling every time it goes under the mid section i allways refuel, but i think the gas stations are plenty.
  3. Ok, thanks. Still, it would have been nice if this had been mentioned in the 'manual'. ;)
  4. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    You can keep track of the time you have left before you have to rest. With the GPS open press F6. It will show the current job info with the time remaining to reach your destination. It also shows the time in yellow to your next rest stop. As for map icons; just open the world map and turn on the legend (lower left corner).
  5. there are several types of trucks that are equipped with a bed / sleeper, whether we can use it without having to stop at the rest area / hotel? sorry for asking this, i'm a newbie in ETS simulator 2. :)
  6. Sleeping / resting at designated spots only. there are mods for ETS1 /UKTS etc to enable sleep anywhere. you could always turn off "fatigue simulation" in the prefs.

    (I think we're all newbies at this, it's only been released a couple of days)
  7. I try plan my trips where possible that i can get the "channel" crossing as a halfway marker. Thus i can do longish trips and get the needed rest, all while still travelling.
  8. Hm, that's odd... I've been driving for a few virtual days now and I discovered that sleep isn't tied to you, the driver, but to the truck or maybe better said the job...? As long as you do short jobs you can drive and drive and drive and drive without ever having a nap...! Is that's how it's meant to be? I should think that the game would have to look at the driver, no matter what truck he drives...? This means I won't have to sleep at all until my jobs are far enough...!

    BTW Is there a way to skip time? I thought I could skip time by simply sleep a little even if it's not required but I can only sleep during jobs because I don't have my own truck yet... and if I sleep during jobs, I may arrive too late... (When you go to sleep, can you tell the game how long want to sleep...? I don't feel like trying and losing money because of getting too late... I still think the manual could have explained things a bit more in detail.
  9. With not owning your own truck the saving grace could be the rest is taken as the time it takes between jobs. Perhaps check the day and time you finish one job, and the date and time you start another. I know that i got my first truck and once i delivered a job, my guy was already tired and wanting to sleep before i even started the next job. Usually sleep time is not much of a issue. As there is mostly more than enough time to complete a job whilst still getting enough rest.

    On the subject, do you ever fall asleep. I continued for a while last night while "dozzing" but never really fell asleep. Remember previous versions where the screen would go completely black when you fall asleep behind the wheel.
  10. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    I have seen pre release videos where without going completely black, you lose control of the truck and it drifts off the road with a warning message on screen.
  11. LOL I finally had to sleep yesterday... However, it took my a lot of time to figure out how it worked. Yes, you 'simply' have to stop near a bed icon, but... you don't see bed icons IN the game! All other things have a huge rotating icon visible in the gaming world, but there is no rest/bed icon out there! So I have been driving around Aberdeen for 15 minutes, going from one bed icon to another (on the map) only to find it wasn't there in the gaming world... Finally I ended up near a hotel where there was ONLY a bed icon on the map (the other places had other icons on the map too AND in the gaming world) so I knew there HAD to be a resting place... and only then I discovered there is no rotating bed icon and you simply have to turn off the engines and hit Enter to go to sleep...

    Yeah, I really needed a rest by then... ;)
  12. Most Parking spaces in the "bed icon" area should let you rest if you park in them. Also only if you park properly in them. I too often drive around trying to get it right.
    Learnt that the best seems to be sleeping at a petrol station somewhere along the highway. And its costs less time than trying to find a place in town.
  13. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    You can always rest in the garage after a delivery.

    Do repairs then check everything and park up an sleep.
    Wake up and usually your right next to a job.
  14. Another thing about sleeping... I applied the 1.3 patch and now the driver starts yawning more then 3 hours before it's time to rest...! And I also get the sceen going slighlt black... So I have to drive for three virtual hours with a yawning driver and a screen that goes almost black...? Doesn't seem right...!
  15. *$&*@^%&$*&* What a crap system that is... I've been trying to get some sleep for 10 minutes now, parking the truck right on top of the bloody bed icon but whenever I stop the engine, I don't get the option to rest? What a *$&*&@^@#(@ system this is. It sucks big time. :( Getting VERY annoyed here... First of all I had to drive in a completely different direction to get to that rest icon and now it doesn't work. *((*)#$(#$&#*#&A#$&#$ I will disable the function for now because this spoils the entire game: I get messages about sleeping for HOURS and HOURS and when I want to sleep, I can't.

  16. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    You don't need to park directly on top of the bed icon but in one of the parking spaces near it. I find that at some of the stops where you can sleep I need to detach the trailer first and then park properly in the lines before it allows me to sleep.
  17. They really need to do a decent manual or FAQ for this game!!
  18. +1
    I'll try that detaching trick the next time too. I will live the trailer on the street: it makes finding the right spot to sleep a lot easier too... ;)
  19. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Yeah, hotels in particular are a real pain in the ass with a trailer.
  20. Turned sleep on again today.... managed to sleep... turned if off again. Mainly because already 4 hours before you actually have to sleep the driver already starts yawning...! Since it's usually some 10 hours after sleep before the next time that means that 40% of the day that guy is yawning! And already 3 hours before you have to sleep you get messages about it. This is ridiculous... I've turned if off again until this is fixed.

    And btw it also really sucks that you can't take a short nap in the afternoon when you have time for it. The whole system sucks... ;)