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Skydome not big enough? & Track/terrain disappearing?

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Juney, May 9, 2012.

  1. We've been trying to create a track for a research project and we recently copied over the sky from small city 2009.. ..with one minor (ahem, somewhatmajor,akshuly), the skydome isn't big enough. For some reason, when we load it, half of our track has a sky behind it and the other half does not, meaning it will keep whatever it previously rendered as the sky, leading to very frightening background images with stretched buildings and trees and the like.

    Especially for our (more mature) testers, this is very awkward and we're not exactly well-versed enough in modelling to create our own, large enough skydome; It's a 10km track, too, so it is in fact pretty big. Any suggestions to fix this/is there perhaps an existing track with a big enough skydome for us to copy?

    I do have to note we are using v0.5.4.3 of Racer because it has to run on a Mac & this means (I'm not sure if it's different in the new version) that we are using the sky.dof & sky.tga files, plus are updating the geometry.ini & track.shd files to make the sky appear in the first place :)


    One more problem we have is that, when we're driving on the track, sometimes the track and the terrain completely disappear. We tested it multiple times and it SEEMS to only happen whenever/wherever there's no sky in the background, but we are not quite certain.

    Does this happen more frequently and is there a known fix, or should we just cross all our team member's toes & fingers in the hopes that it is indeed caused by the too small skydome?
  2. There should be a geometry.ini flag that makes the skybox move around following the car. Old documentation suggests flags=73. So it would look something like
    If you open the dof in modeler.exe it has a 'x100' button that could make it bigger if you need to.
  3. All right, thank you very much, we will try both of those options and see which works best :D

    (& Thank you for the extremely fast response, too ^^)